SF threatens to revoke Lyft’s e-bike permit

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco transit officials have threatened to pull Lyft’s permit to operate e-bikes in San Francisco, the San Francisco Examiner has learned.

The City wants assurances Lyft has fully investigated a series of e-bike battery fires, which forced the billion-dollar ride-hailing company to yank 1,000 electric bikes from San Francisco streets in July, according to an email obtained by the Examiner…

Motivate and San Francisco entered into an exclusivity agreement for the company to provide bikeshare, but this is where the two entities split.

Lyft believes this exclusivity agreement grants them a monopoly over both pedaled bikes and e-assist bikes, essentially bicycles with an electric motor. The company also maintains the agreement applies to both rental bikes from curbside docks and “dockless” bikes that can be parked anywhere on a sidewalk, and then locked…(more)

What is the point of renting an a e-bike. There are plenty of Scoots. Take one of them. What is the difference. Or buy your own e-bike like we did. Why is there such a rush to fil the streets with tech toys when the streets are a mess and full of potholes regardelss of how you get around. Fix the potholes. Rent from a retail outfit that pays rent and doesn’t rely on government handouts.