SF’s quiet war with alleged scofflaw scooter company

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The scooters scoot, The City impounds them. Nominal fines are paid, the scooters scoot again.

Round, and round, and round they go — with no end in sight.

Such is the cat-and-mouse squabble between scooter company Go X and San Francisco, which has issued numerous citations to the company and impounded its vehicles since its “soft launch” in January this year.

But Go X founder Alexander Debelov claims his company does not need a city permit to operate since its electric scooters deploy from private businesses like Fisherman’s Wharf hotels and can only be returned at the 55 private businesses that partner with the company…(more)

Wow! What is wrong with the old business model of humans renting vehicles out of their shops? Is human interaction no longer legal in this tech town? Are retail businesses that rent bikes, skates, scooters and other vehicles breaking the law now? Does each brand need a permit to operate on the street? No wonder the criminals are running rampant and the police don’t want to take the time to write incident reports. They are too busy moving boulders and chasing down retail shops that rent scooters to protect the public. We need a re-boot.

Market Street is only the beginning of drive to clear city streets of cars

by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Car-free streets won’t stop at Market.

At least, that’s the intent of San Francisco transit leaders, who on Tuesday approved plans to make Market Street car free and said the effort will continue on other streets.

A super-majority of the Board of Supervisors told the San Francisco Examiner on Tuesday they would support SFMTA studying which streets could become car-free in their neighborhoods…

Supervisors Shamann Walton, Gordon Mar, Aaron Peskin, Rafael Mandelman, Catherine Stefani, Sandra Fewer, Matt Haney, and Vallie Brown have all signaled some support of exploring car-free streets in their neighborhoods, though their responses range from luke-warm to red-hot.

Supervisors Ahsha Safai, Norman Yee and Hillary Ronen did not respond to requests for comment…(more)

Time to speak out if you want to is now.