BART reportedly considering extension to Richmond District

By Mike Moffitt : sfgate – excerpt

BART wants to build a second transbay tube by 2027 to ease overcrowding in the Bay Area’s already stressed rail system, but its expansion plans may not stop there.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the agency is also looking at a possible extension to the west along Geary Boulevard.

BART General Manager Bob Powers told the Examiner last week that the agency will explore running a line down Geary as part of its upcoming study of a second bay rail crossing…

State Sen. Scott Wiener told the Examiner, “I would love to see subway service, whether it’s BART or Muni, on the West Side of San Francisco.” Weiner would also love to see such an expansion accompanied by new high-density housing along its corridor(more)

What high density Housing corridor? the one Scott wants to build? Would this extension go in after SFMTA spends a fortune on a Red Lane or would this be instead of the Red Lane? Oh I forgot, money isn’t an issue for BART. They are spending OPM (other peoples’ money).

Solar Car Chargers Continue to Charge EVs During California Outage


solarnovus – excerpt

Envision Solar International, Inc., a producer of infrastructure products for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media, today announced that its EV ARC, off grid, solar-powered EV charging infrastructure products continued to charge EVs and provide available emergency power for first responders during the recently announced power shutdowns in Northern California.

Envisions’ EV ARC products deployed in Marin County, Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Livermore and other locations in Northern California have provided vital electric vehicle charging without interruption during the recently announced precautionary power black-outs, almost two million people were without power when the state’s largest utility cut power due in an effort to prevent wildfires caused by high winds in the region. At least one death linked to the outages was reported in the press. A leading manufacturer of EVs advised its customers in the affected areas to fully charge their vehicles in advance…

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Electric-Car Owners Hard Hit by Massive California Power Shutdown

By : caranddriver – excerpt

Tesla’s Elon Musk promises battery and solar solutions for the many EV owners who can’t charge their cars.

  • Nearly a million Californians are now without power as the electric company deliberately shut it off this week, fearing high winds would spark wildfire.
  • The affected area in Northern California surrounds Fremont, home of Tesla, and a great many electric-car owners who can’t charge their vehicles as usual.
  • Tesla’s Elon Musk is swapping in battery Powerpacks and solar power for Superchargers in the region as fast as he can get permits, he claims on Twitter…(more)

Of course if they have solar installations on their roofs, they can charge the cars using their own power during the day and suck off the car during the night. That is if they are free to arrange a schedule to fit that reality. If their job is reliant on energy anyway, they may be off work. Many possibilities for off-the-grid power solutions will no doubt surface soon.