SANDAG’s regional bikeway program delayed a year, $79 million over budget

By Joshua Emerson Smith : sandiegouniontribune – excerpt

The San Diego Association of Governments plans to complete 70 miles of bike lanes and other traffic improvements throughout the region by 2024 at a cost of $279 million.

A $200 million plan to build 77 miles of bike lanes and pedestrian improvements throughout the San Diego region by 2023 is now behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget.

Top planning officials with the San Diego Association of Governments — which took up the ambitious project in 2013 — said that unforeseen delays in project approvals and rising construction costs are largely to blame.

In all, SANDAG now expects to construct 70 miles of bike lanes by 2024 at a cost $279 million. Officials said they hope to complete the remaining 7 miles at some point in the future.

“We’re committed to the entire program,” said Linda Culp, principal planner at SANDAG working on the Regional Bikeway Program. “The reality of it is, things happen.”…(more)

Yeah, like forest fires and a population that wants bigger cars to move more stuff faster in an emergency. Bikes are not going to cut it when you need to evacuate the area and as we are seeing, neither will public transit systems. There is a good reason to keep your own vehicle in running order powered up and ready to go. And a reason to keep the streets open to flowing traffic. There are also good reasons to keep open green space between buildings.

Plans unveiled for 50 percent affordable development atop Potrero bus yard

By Abraham Rodriguez : missionlocal – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency unveiled new plans Saturday for a mixed-use development above the Potrero bus yard: a 13-story building with 560 residential units. At 50 percent, this plan doubles the percentage of affordable units from prior proposals.

That increase came after residents repeatedly asked for more affordable housing, including at a February community meeting.

Saturday’s three-hour event drew more than 75 Mission residents to the open house at The Archery, an art space at 498 Alabama St…(more)

Coming to you from the public transit agency that know s how to spend your money on everything but public transit. It should be noted that this will be another first. No where in the world has housing been built on top of a bus yard, or at least, SFMTA could not find an example of such a project.

Smart Trains Cancelled Monday For Safety Reasons

By Bay City News Service : sfgate – excerpt

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) has canceled commuter train service for Monday because of the ongoing Public Safety Power Shutdown impacts on local city traffic signal systems governing roadways that cross SMART railroad tracks, and to clear trees downed by high winds from the tracks.

When PG&E turns the power back on, local jurisdictions will have to reactivate all traffic control systems and synchronize them with SMART railroad crossing warning lights and gates, according to a SMART news release.

For updates, visit SMART’s website at or call (707) 794-3077… (more)

This is why people don’t want to give up their cars. You can’t trust the public transportation service to get your out when you are told to evacuate. You can only rely on your own vehicle, and in some cases, the bigger the better.


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