Plans unveiled for 50 percent affordable development atop Potrero bus yard

By Abraham Rodriguez : missionlocal – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency unveiled new plans Saturday for a mixed-use development above the Potrero bus yard: a 13-story building with 560 residential units. At 50 percent, this plan doubles the percentage of affordable units from prior proposals.

That increase came after residents repeatedly asked for more affordable housing, including at a February community meeting.

Saturday’s three-hour event drew more than 75 Mission residents to the open house at The Archery, an art space at 498 Alabama St…(more)

Coming to you from the public transit agency that know s how to spend your money on everything but public transit. It should be noted that this will be another first. No where in the world has housing been built on top of a bus yard, or at least, SFMTA could not find an example of such a project.

2 thoughts on “Plans unveiled for 50 percent affordable development atop Potrero bus yard

  1. Fewuearw back measures put on the ballot were passed allowing the city to sell surplus property to developers disguised as the lie of “affordable housing”. Not to mention the introduction of a new housing bond soon. A bond meaning tax money. In other words tax breaks given to developers for mor unweeded housing and citizens paying the difference.


  2. Few years back a measure was passed to sell off surplus city land to developers under the disguise of “affordable housing”. There will be more of this to come including closing of some schools selling land to developers(school measure).

    Another “affordable housing bond” will be introduced. A bond essentially means tax dollars. Developers are given a discount to build here and citizens make up the difference.

    Must read the legal text of any measure in its entirety. Unfortunately most don’t as they vote with their feelings of frustration. Your upset at the homeless? Give us money we will fix it. Your so upset at the situation you end up voting for it with a blind eye not realizing that the last line of the measure explains how you’ll be screwed.


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