Largest Bay Area Construction Projects

by Julia Cooper: biz journals – excerpt

Ranked by Construction cost

Any wonder that the top two are public transit projects, and the third is a San Francisco mixed us included office space.

1. SFMTA 3rd Street Light Rail – Phase 2, Central Subway – San Francisco
2. SFO Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Center – San Francisco
3. 5M Phase III – San Francisco… (more)

1 thought on “Largest Bay Area Construction Projects

  1. We are all paying for these projects through the lies of safety, health, homeless and congestion. Not to mention that we are all supposedly going to be underwater in 30 years and that banning plastic straws is suppose help stop big waves.

    Plan Bay Area with their “climate change initiative” years back started off as plan Bay Area 2020. Now o think it’s around 2050 as they keep pushing it back. Why??

    This is a $350 billion region construction and redevelopment plan. How will government pay for that with tax dollars if people are not willing to pay more taxes? Well that’s easy. You must pay more taxes so we can fix this or else we are all going to die.

    People are dying and will die walking and biking on our streets. Give us money.
    People will die and are dying from diabities it’s asugar tax give us more money.
    People will will die the ocean is going to deon you and the sun will melt you give us more money.
    People will die from pot holes as it’s dangerous to ride bikes and drive. We need a gas tax give us more money.
    People are pissed at the traffic and we would love to make them and you all happy. Raise the bridge toll, charge congestion pricing and charge for carpool. Give us more money.
    The fish are going to die so use paper straws and give us more money.

    The trend here is that we are all frustrated, pissed off and we are all going to die unless we change our entire lifestyle and yes give them more money.

    You will not move inland if you know our current beach will end up at the great highway. Nor will the birds and animals go inland. We and the animals are too stupid to know that.

    So to save our lives let’s give the gov $350 billion. We are all dead only our tax dollars and paper straws can save us.


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