A ridehail tax won’t fix traffic congestion

By Susan Vaughan and David Fairley : sfexaminer – excerpt

Centuries ago, the Catholic church sold indulgences to sinners. The indulgence trade allowed the church to fund its projects — such as cathedrals and crusades — and for sinners to keep on sinning for a small price.

Such is the nature of Proposition D, the proposed tax on all Uber and Lyft rides that originate in San Francisco, some of which will go to Muni. Proponents argue that the money raised will mitigate the impacts of Uber and Lyft. That’s doubtful. In fact, passage of Prop. D will give these two scofflaw corporations cover of legitimacy — and make Muni dependent on enabling all their negatives: congesting our city streets; violating rules of the road (double parking, and stopping in public bus stops, bicycle lanes, and crosswalks); competing with Muni for passengers in their insatiable quest to turn a profit; and, most alarmingly, exacerbating the global climate crisis… (more)

People who are concerned about the privatization of public transportation systems oppose Proposition D because it is one more strike against the public transportation system in favor or the “public/private” enterprises that are replacing true public transportation in our city. Many feel this is an assault on the public commons but, we will see how the public responds to the paid advertisements that are overwhelming them during this election.

2 thoughts on “A ridehail tax won’t fix traffic congestion

  1. This needs to be voted down. Like Uber and lift or hate Uber and lift is irrelevant. Prop d is taxation of our streets paid by citizens who choose to use them. Pretty much a public road tax. It’s just another tax on citizens. Please research. Uber/lyft just another boogie man excuse from the city. Remember some months back congestion caused by Uber/lyft? Those evil companies ruining our city? More bs. We hate them so why not tax them? Not knowing the tax is added to each ride as a sales tax. Example: 5th and market to Vanessa and market in an Uber. $4.00+tax.

    Money will be spent on more dumb projects. Please research.

    Click to access ATT%203-6.pdf

    Click to access 11%20Nov%2013%20BD.pdf

    Another one to look out for is the above link. Prop K. Another shot as raising sales tax. Above links are info on how that money would be allocated. Who knows what lie or bs they’ll put out there to try and sell it to the public. Please research.






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