4 SFMTA plans to reduce California Street from 4 lanes to 2 lanes

richmondsfblog – excerpt

Public meeting Thursday @ 6pm

This Thursday at 6pm, the SFMTA will hold a public meeting at George Peabody Elementary School to review their plans for traffic improvements on California Street from Arguello to Park Presidio Boulevard.

The most significant change that the plan includes is to reduce the number of traffic lanes from 4 to 2 along California Street, with a third center lane that can be used for turning. The same configuration is currently in place on 25th Avenue.

The SFMTA states their background for the changes on the project website:

On California Street from Arguello Boulevard to Park Presidio Boulevard, a roadway reconfiguration from four lanes to three will be implemented to improve safety for all road users. On this stretch of the corridor, there have been 57 injury collisions in the past five years, including 4 pedestrian-involved collisions. This segment of California Street also has a high rate of Muni-involved collisions, with 35 transit collisions in five years. At 8 to 9 feet wide, the travel lanes are not wide enough in this area for Muni vehicles, which are 10.5 feet wide. As a result, Muni vehicles must straddle multiple lanes, leading to sideswipe collisions. In addition, having multiple lanes in each direction can encourage higher traffic speeds and can make crossing the street more challenging for pedestrians…(more)