Plans to shake-up transportation in San Francisco with new transit director

By Christien Kafton : ktvu – excerpt
SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) – San Francisco’s transit agency has a new director of transportation. The new SFMTA director is taking a hard look at the city’s transit and is promising changes.

Hundreds of thousands of people moving back and forth and through the city of San Francisco and now the city has a new director of transportation.

Mayor London Breed made the announcement from her office. “The SFMTA board will be recommending Jeffrey Tumlin as the next director of SFMTA,” said Mayor Breed…(more)

What if San Francisco “invested” some of their billion transportation dollars in providing “free transit for all” instead of tearing up the streets? What is they actually provided a useful service as an alternative instead of moving and removing bus stops and seats and purchasing transit cars the public opposes? What if the SFMTA provided fast and efficient “free” service to people with access problems instead of playing with construction projects to the detriment of everyone including the Muni riders?

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