SF to open first site for homeless living out of vehicles. Is it enough?

By Trisha Thadani : sfchronicle – excerpt

Roy Santos would love to live anywhere that’s more stable and comfortable than his cramped trailer on Bayshore Boulevard.

Every time he showers or uses the bathroom, he has to collect all of his wastewater and figure out where to legally dump it. He constantly has to worry about break-ins, parking tickets or unwelcome neighbors. But he doesn’t know where else to go.

“It’s brutal,” said Santos, a veteran, who has been homeless for about six years after falling on “hard times.”…

The lot is being dubbed a “Vehicle Triage Center,” where people will have daily access to case managers, portable toilets and a portable shower three times a week. While city officials hail it as a productive first step toward addressing vehicular homelessness, others see it as an inadequate response to the crisis and a veiled attempt to clear RVs from residential neighborhoods…

“Thirty parking spots for all of these RVs?” scoffed Stephanie Brown, 50, as she sat on the couch inside her trailer, which was parked down the street from Santos and a few miles away from the proposed site. “You’ve got to be high.”…

The city’s Vehicle Encampment Resolution Team has been working since October to identify people who would be a good fit for the site. The Department of Homelessness says it is focusing on people who are the “highest needs,” and who want to eventually move into more permanent housing…(more)

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