San Francisco opens parking lot specifically for the homeless

By Adam Brinklow : curbed – excerpt

Small city-owned lot near BART may presage larger facility for car and RV-dwellers

On Wednesday, San Francisco opened its first “vehicle triage center,” a long-term parking lot geared for people living out of cars and recreational vehicles, which City Hall hopes will offer solutions for homeless residents who rely on vehicles as shelter but have trouble securing legal parking.

The lot right by the Balboa Park BART station at 482 Geneva Avenue is only modestly sized, offering 30 parking spots, along with basic amenities like shower facilities and security.

Mayor London Breed says the center is a pilot program, and the city may pursue more ambitious—larger—parking solutions if it deems this one a success. The city will reportedly try to guide the lot parkers toward housing options…(more)

1 thought on “San Francisco opens parking lot specifically for the homeless

  1. With all of these housing bonds, homeless bonds and extra taxes we are getting screwed out of one should ask the city one question.

    Instead of banning straws screwing up our streets way of life why not just build a 10 story building for the homless with an in-house counseling center on one of our city owned properties they are planning to sell to developers?
    They will have no answer as they need the homeless as an excuse to continuously build.
    Forget reports and financial statements the city puts out online. One needs to walk into the office and dig in ignoring all of the fake reports. Every 15 minutes it’s homeless housing and streets.

    Meanwhile back at headquarters human crap and needles still on the sidewalks, streets are ruined, and they are telling us we are all going to die underwater while trying to figure out how to raise our sales tax this year.


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