Fresh Flaws Found in New Muni Train Cars as It Turns Out They Rear-End Each Other

By Joe Fitzgerald via sfist : sfexaminer – excerpt

The fancy new two-car trains will be “limited,” with most pulled from the fleet for more repairs, so expect more crammed commutes in the short run.

The litany of liabilities with the ultramodern new Muni light-rail trains has memorably included such problems as doors trapping and dragging an elderly woman and coupler failures causing the double car trains to detach from one another. We were then warned Thursday to expect packed and problematic commutes, as much of the new $1.2 billion fleet was being sidelined again, though Muni was pretty scant on details explaining why. That led some of San Francisco’s top train-chasing gumshoes to investigate why the trains were pulled, and they’ve found answers that are of course embarrassing to Muni and the trains’ manufacturer Siemens. The San Francisco Examiner found that in a Wednesday night K-Ingleside incident, double-car trains detached and rammed into each other, and NBC Bay Area reports that the shear pins that hold double-cars together are failing

UPDATE FROM JOE TWEET: An internal city memo obtained by @sfexaminer reveals a component joining train cars together failed while carrying Muni passengers, Wed.

“The operator reported to her Supervisor that it felt like her train was being continually rear ended.” …

REALLY? Watch out for whiplash! No wonder people are not taking Muni. Now even less will. I think the BART is also losing customers. Last week there was plenty of “standing room only” on the train I took from City Hall.