Inner Sunset first to benefit from fresh take on city curbs

By Meyer Gorelick : sfweekly – excerpt

Special to the S.F. Examiner (Is this the new definition for an add?)

Trucks loading merchant goods and drivers seeking a parking spot may soon find a legal space to stop in the Inner Sunset, thanks to a relatively new group within the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the Curb Management Team…

The team, which was formed in early 2018 to provide citywide guidelines and holistic solutions for traffic flow and parking challenges, cut its teeth shaping streets around the new Chase Center Arena…

Before the Curb Management Team was formed, curb regulations were issued on an individual application basis in response to complaints. Now it will be based on citywide planning…(more)

The parking program around Chase Center is designed to remove parking and jobs and businesses that need it. If your goal is to close businesses such as restaurants that rely on longer term parking SFMTA will do that for you. The only people who benefit from the Chase Center plan are the Uber and Lyft drivers who have their own special pickup curbs and a wealthy clientelle. Hope they are paying for them cause they are killing a lot of other businesses and jobs.