Housing justice protesters disrupt Wiener housing bill news conference

By Bay City News : sfexaminer – excerpt

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, came to Oakland on Tuesday to promote a bill that would boost construction of apartment buildings and condominiums in an effort to address the state’s housing shortage.

But Wiener and other speakers at a news conference on the steps of City Hall were drowned out by protesters, including people from the homeless activist group Moms 4 Housing, who said Senate Bill 50 wouldn’t provide enough affordable housing.

Wiener has tried for several years to get the state Legislature to pass his bill, which he said would eliminate restrictive low-density zoning near public transit and job centers and create new zoning standards for those areas. SB 50 must pass the Senate Appropriations Committee and then the full Senate by the end of January in order to move forward in the new legislative session… (more)

If you want to remove the option of building new single family neighborhoods in the state of California, you may want to support this bill. That is Senator Wiener’s intention. Even though he owns a home in San Francisco, he claims that building them removes affordable housing since he claims it is not possible to build affordable single family homes in the state. People beg to differ will be opposing the bill.

It is also important to note the plan to pay for the growth is not expected to come from those who benefit. Part of the package know as Compact, includes a plan to raise taxes on the current residents to pay for the expansion of infrastructure required to accommodate the growth. Guess who benefits?

Actions may be taken now if you oppose the SB50 you may call the Senators on the Appropriation Committee and let them know your position. Contacts and details.

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