Transit Center officials defend integrity after Nuru arrest

by Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

In one of the corruption schemes outlined in a federal complaint against Public Works head Mohammed Nuru, he allegedly plotted to use his influence to help a restaurateur land a lease inside the new Transbay Transit Center in exchange for gifts.

Members of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority board of directors, on which Nuru served as chair until his removal this week and which oversees the transit center, defended the integrity of their leasing and contracting process during a meeting Thursday.

At one point during the alleged Transit Center plot, Nuru had TJPA’s executive director Mark Zabaneh in his City Hall office when he called his longtime friend restaurateur Nick Bovis to discuss obtaining a lease at the transit center, according to the federal complaint revealed Tuesday. The call was made from Nuru’s cellphone on December 6, 2018 in the afternoon…(more)