How much would you pay for a BART parking spot? Changes could double rates

By Nico Savvidge : eastbaytimes – excerpt

BART hopes higher prices will free up spots in crowded lots

How much would you pay to park at your local BART station if you knew you could count on getting a spot?

Or, if you had the choice, how much would that spot have to cost before you’d give it up and walk, carpool or take a bus to the station instead?

Those are some of the questions that could determine how much patrons pay to park at BART in the future, as the transit agency that once surrounded its stations with vast lots of free spaces considers price hikes for a shrinking inventory of spots...(more)

When did our government decide to run experiments on us? BART is losing riders. Their solution is to raise fares and raise the price of parking for BART when they are considering free rides at night and weekends to increase ridership. Who are these people?

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