SFMTA considering dramatic changes to parking

By Lauren Martinez : abc7news – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Parking in San Francisco is getting more and more competitive.

On Tuesday, the SFTMA will receive a report on proposed changes that will hopefully make San Francisco’s limited space, less congested.

Titled “Curb Management Strategy,” the SFMTA lays out how they will manage and allocate the city’s limited curb space. It explores how the transportation landscape in San Francisco has dramatically changed in the last 10 years…

Ride-sharing vehicles, electric scooters and on-demand food delivery services are now competing for space on city curb-sides.

Some of the highlights include:

More parking for motorcycles. Special parking for electric scooters. Extending hours on all meters and ending Sunday free parking. Increase and streamline ‘geofencing for TNC’s’ (Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft.) That would mean designating pickup/drop off locations like the ones already in place at SFO. Creating a four-hour time limit on broken meters, which are 20% of the meters in the city on any given day.
To enforce these changes, the SFMTA is proposing using cameras on buses to ticket for double parking. They would use fixed cameras, similar to cameras at red lights, that would ticket those for illegal stopping or parking… (more)

Some of these would require state permission.

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