Millbrae Transit Center to eliminate hundreds of parking spots

By Anser Hassan : abc7news – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A big electronic sign is posted at the entrance to the Millbrae BART station paved parking lot, warning passengers that starting Friday at 9 p.m., the parking lot will be permanently closed.

It is roughly 300 spots or about 10 percent of the available parking at the station.

It is being done to make way for the Millbrae Transit Center, which will be built on the site. The new center will include 400 apartments, 100 of which will be for low-income tenants, as well as some stores…(more)

How much abuse will people put up with? As ridership is peaking during peak hours, and dropping on the weekends and off hours, the response of the transit authorities is to raise transit ticket and parking prices, while cutting transit service and eliminating parking options. Now they want to remove a traffic lane on the Bay Bridge and establish congestion pricing in San Francisco. Already they removed cars from Market Street and want to take them off of other streets. Who is benefitting from these policies that are killing businesses and displacing residents? If you want a change, you may want new representatives in Sacramento.


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