Quicker Transit Fixes through Muni’s New Quick-Build Program

By Jeffrey Tumlin : sfmta – excerpt (includes maps)

Monday, March 2, 2020

The SFMTA runs one of the most complex transit systems in the country. Many of the thorny challenges facing Muni require multifaceted solutions that take time to deliver. But sometimes a simple, street-level fix is the right tool for the job. The Transit Priority Quick-Build Program, approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors last week, clears a path for improving Muni service quickly on our most heavily-used lines and at the biggest “hotspots” for delay to Muni customers.

Introducing the Transit Priority Quick-Build Program

Modeled on the SFMTA’s Vision Zero Quick-Build effort for faster delivery of traffic safety improvements, the Transit Quick-Build Program focuses on reducing needless delay to transit riders using proven, fast-to-implement solutions. Many times, it can be as simple as painting a curb, moving a bus stop or adding a traffic sign. Improvements can be implemented following public outreach and a public hearing, without requiring additional approval by the SFMTA Board. This can get projects on the ground months or even years faster than the current process…

The next round of Muni Forward corridors, starting outreach over the next two years, include the following:

J Church
K Ingleside
M Oceanview
N Judah
29 Sunset
22 Fillmore (Fillmore Street)
1 California Rapid Project
5 Fulton (Inner Richmond)…

The locations include the following:

  • 37 Corbett: Church/Market to 14th/Church
  • 44 O’Shaughnessy: Woodside/Portola to O’Shaughnessy/Portola
  • 54 Felton: 3rd/Van Dyke/Lane Street to Williams/3rd
  • 30X Marina Express: Pine/Front to Pine/Battery
  • 27 Bryant: Cyril Magnin/Market to 5th/Mission
  • 44 O’Shaughnessy: Silver/San Bruno to Silver/Bayshore
  • 8AX and 8BX Bayshore “A”/“B” Expresses: Kearny/Sutter to Kearny/Bush
  • 19 Polk: Larkin/O’Farrell to Geary/Larkin
  • 24 Divisadero: Cortland/Mission to 30th/Mission
  • 1BX California “B” Express (and express lines): Bush/Sansome to Sansome/Pine

Anybody who objects to this process may want to talk to their supervisors.