San Francisco supervisor threatens to take power to raise fares away from SFMTA

By Michael Rosen :sfgate – excerpt

In an interview with Phil Matier of the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin, angered by recently approved fare hikes, threatened to take the power to raise fares from the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency.

“The message is: over our dead bodies,” Peskin told Matier.

Peskin told Matier that he asked the city attorney to “draw up a charter amendment for the November ballot.” If passed, the amendment would require any fare hikes to receive two-thirds approval from the Board of Supervisors.

Last Tuesday, SFMTA voted to raise fares on single rides paid with Clipper cards as well as monthly passes. The initial changes will go into effect in November of this year. Fares paid in cash, which are “predominantly paid by lower-income people of color in San Francisco,” according to the San Francisco Examiner, will stay at $3 until at least November 2022… (more)

Just do it Supervisor. We need to clip the wings of the powerful to bring them down to the streets they are managing. Political winds are gathering and the time is ripe to act. Give the voters a chance to reset the “new normal” by resetting the power structure in charge of the public transit system. Who knows what they will do next time if we don’t stop them now.