Ballot measure would give supes more power over Muni

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt (includes first draft of the SFMTA Charter Amendment)

Supervisors hurry to make deadline for November ballot

Members of the Board of Supervisors submitted a slew of charter amendments Tuesday for the November ballot, including proposals to give them the power to reject Muni fare hikes, create more oversight over the Sheriff’s Department and split Public Works into separate agencies to place more focus on street cleaning.

There even was the revival of a 2016 charter amendment that 52 percent of voters previously rejected to create a new elected Public Advocate to conduct independent investigations, introduced Tuesday by Supervisor Gordon Mar.

Tuesday was the deadline to introduce charter amendments for them to show up on the November ballot. Next, they will undergo committee hearings and at least six members of the board would need to vote to place them on the ballot.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin introduced an amendment with the backing of supervisors Dean Preston and Ahsha Safai to give the board more power over the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency by granting it the power to reject fare hikes.

Peskin said the measure will rectify challenges that have arisen from 2007’s Proposition A, which he authored, which gave the agency more independence. He wants to take some of that independence back.…

“Should the Board of Supervisors reject the fare changes by making written findings, the agency’s budget shall be deemed rejected and the Board of Supervisors shall make additional interim appropriations to the agency from the Municipal Transportation Fund sufficient to permit the agency to maintain all operations,” the proposal said.…(more)

Please read the entire article that includes a copy of the first draft of the SFMTA Charter Amendment

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