The SFMTA constantly moves their departments, programs, and organization processes around go to their site for the latest version of what they have to offer: sfmta.com

According to SFMTA these are the rules for interacting with the Board and as you will see, they do not fit the way other city agencies interact with the public. If this bothers you, you may want to attend Malia Cohen’s hearing on how the SFMTA interacts with the public and other agencies. Contact her office and ask Brittni for an update on the date scheduled for that meeting.

1. When do emails requesting a continuance need to get to MTAboard@SFMTA.com
Emails should get to MTAboard@SFMTA.com by noon on Monday. 
It is very important that emails get sent to the board. 
The Board Secretary will stop forwarding on Tuesday morning.
2. Potrero Avenue is item 12, do they go through the agenda in order?
Yes, The board goes through the agenda in order.
It is uncommon for the board to rearrange the item order.
Although she can’t accurately predict the time. The secretary thinks that we will be heard starting at around 2 or 2:30. At this meeting, there are around 7-8 items on the agenda that aren’t being discussed. They will just have a yes or no vote.
3. Is the meeting recorded or broadcast? 
Yes. Can go to SFgov.org to see previous recorded meetings.
4. Is there an overhead projector for the public to use?
Yes. Can use during your 2 minute time.
Forgot to ask if you could bring a memory stick or if you need old school transparencies.
5. How do I make a comment at the meeting?
a. Legibly write your First name and Last name on a speaker card and turn it in.
Speaker cards are called in the order submitted.
b. State your name when you start your comment.
c. This is an opportunity to comment only. Keep your comments to the item. “The Board doesn’t care where you grew up or how long you have lived on Potrero Avenue.” This is not an opportunity to ask questions.  There is no right to a response from the board or staff during the public comment.
d.  “Always good to send an email in advance.”
6. How long do I get to talk? 
Public commenters will get 2 minutes to talk. A timer will be set.
It will be visible from the podium.
6. When does SFMTA board make a decision for continuance? 
The board make doesn’t make a decision to do a continuance until they meet and they have heard the first, the Staff presentation and then the public comment.
7. I can’t make the meeting. Can I send a statement to be read? 
Yes, but it will be part of the 2 minutes that is someone else time.
8. Can I have food or drinks in the meeting room?
No, but a probably can have a discrete bottle of water.
9. Where and when is this meeting? 
Tuesday , June 20th at 1:00pm
Room 400, City Hall, San Francisco
10. Where is the full Agenda? 

The latest Org Chart for the SFMTA: https://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/2016/AgencyOrgDiagram-9.2016.pdf

All material on the blog is in the public domain and anyone has permission to copy and share any of the copy and art.SFMTA-Org-Chart.jpg


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