SFMTA SFPark & MUNI – Procedural questions

The Department of Public Works handles the public notification process for parklets throughout the city; the Planning Department handles the process for zoning changes.
For the parking items, Article 200 of the City’s Transportation Code governs what changes require public noticing, public hearings and SFMTA Board approval:


History – Proposition E, passed by the voters in November 1999, amended the City Charter, calling for the creation of the SFMTA through consolidation of the Municipal Railway and the Department of Parking and Traffic on July 1, 2002, to support the City’s Transit First Policy, section 8A.115.  This landmark measure gave birth to the new San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) which would manage the entire surface transportation network. In 2007 the voters added taxi regulation through passage of Proposition A which was launched officially in March 2009. Through the will of the people it serves, the SFMTA emerged as a municipal transportation enterprise fully poised to elevate the city’s quality of life through sustainable streets.


    • MUNI has not lived up to its promise of supporting all the neighborhoods with affordable, reliable, safe transit options.
    • Instead of fixing MUNI problems, SFPark has embarked on a rapid expansion of parking meter installations in hopes of forcing people out of the cars and onto the MUNI.
    • Instead of expanding MUNI services, they are cutting them while raising fares and fees and requesting another $3 billion dollars.
    • Citizens felt the plans for our neighborhoods is flawed and filed appeals to stop them.
    • We went to the Supervisors for support.
    • They agreed unanimously and amended the new contract to stop the installation of new parking meters.
    • Many residents feel it is time to fight back and take back the streets and that the most effective way to do that is to amend the city charter that created the monster in the first place.
    • If you are one of those, join us now before they get to your street.

Jay Primus, Manager SFMTA’s SFPark prgram. “There have been bumps, and as one would expect, some backlash when the program has expanded into areas that currently don’t have meters. Encouragingly, the rollout has gone smoothly in areas that already have meters. Primus himself has said it is too soon to judge the effect of the program.”

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