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Widespread public opposition to the most expensive disruptive Geary BRT plan will come to a head in January.

The public is demanding their 30 days to comment prior to any approvals by the SFMTA Board. The Board sat on the report for months before releasing it to the public during the holidays to assure not any people would notice. Both the public and the new supervisors need time to review the EIR and examine the budget before committing the taxpayers to any more big street projects.

More details  and a sample letter requesting the SFMTA Board postpone a vote to approve the Geary BRT EIR until the public comment time of 30 days has passed are here :

Businesses oppose the Geary BRT plan, demand an economic impact report.

The Small Business Owners oppose the Geary BRT
The SF Small Business Commission passed a resolution at its Jan. 29 meeting calling for an economic impact study to be conducted as part of the Geary Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) planning process. Geary area merchants and many residents fear the construction and elimination of vehicle lanes on Geary will choke the neighborhood. The coalition resolution complained that the current San Francisco Transportation Authority plan for the Geary project states it will not include an economic assessment “at this stage.” That will be considered at a later time in the Environmental Impact Report, the plan says… (more)

The Red Lanes on Mission Street and other neighborhood corridors appear to be illegal. According to the information we have, SFMTA appears to have gone outside the experimental boundaries set by Caltrans CTCDC (California Transportation Controls Device Commission). SFMTA avoided admitting this to the when expressly asked about it. Complaints have been lodged and recorded by the CTCDC. We need letters detailing the extent of the Red Lanes that prove they are outside the allowed areas and the problems they are causing. We also need photos and videos documenting the confusion and dangerous conditions we have witnessed. More details

Stop the spread of Red!

We Need Your Voice to Remove The Red Carpet Mess on Mission Street
Write a letter: Government Transportation Contacts
Sign the petition:
Join us:

For inspiration watch the Small Business Commissioners reaction to the RPP presentation here. Go to Item 7: The Commissioners’ comments start around (03:07:35).

Shuttle Bus Petition:

We the undersigned request that the City and County of San Francisco institute measures to relieve traffic congestion and mitigate environmental impacts resulting from the Commuter Shuttle Program. We urge the exploration and adoption of alternative transport modes, such as the use of smaller, more efficient vehicles and ride-share platforms, the consolidation of bus routes, and the wider dispersal of the traffic presently concentrated on a narrow selection of over-burdened streets… (sign here)

Shuttle bus facts:

City Hall is allowing the shuttle bus program to continue in spite of many problems. If you have a problem in your neighborhood, you should request a meeting with your supervisor to work on your issues. There is one coming to Noe Valley soon.

Adopt a Pothole.

Join the national movement. Simply complaining about the potholes doesn’t work. Adopt a pothole and make it your mission to get it fixed. Take a picture. Make note of the address. File a report on it with DPW using the Mayor’s 311 complaint system. You may also call 311 and speak to an operator but this can be time-consuming. It is easier to file a complaint online to get it entered into the record. All feedback is linked to the 311 system and offers you a referral number, which you can use to check on the status of your pothole. Use that system and report back on your progress.

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Stop the Speed Camera Pilot Program in San Francisco and San Jose

SIGN THE PETITION. CALL AND EMAIL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES IF YOU OBJECT TO A FIVE-YEAR PILOT PROGRAM IN SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN JOSE. has a full explanation of the bill, a petition to sign, and phone numbers of legislators to call. Call David Chiu at (916) 319-2017 and tell him you don’t appreciate him introducing legislation that takes away your rights!

Assemblymember David Chiu from San Francisco has introduced legislation to allow speed cameras to be used in California for the first time. The bill, AB-342 does not simply allow enforcement of speed laws using an automated enforcement system rather than a live police officer.

AB-342 drastically changes California speed laws and enforcement in very negative ways. While some might view the use of speed cameras as a tool in promoting roadway safety,

AB-342 is seriously flawed. It eliminates virtually all current protections afforded to motorists in speed related cases and allows jurisdictions to run speed traps in their cities, ensuring that the program will be used as a revenue generation scheme, not for public safety.

AB-342 makes the vehicle owner responsible for speeding tickets and takes away a defendant’s right to a trial. Instead, the ticket is treated as a civil violation which will be adjudicated in an administrative hearing without traditional due process rights.

Now sign the Petition to Protect Your Rights! Tell David Chiu you don’t appreciate his legislation that takes away your right to a trial, makes you responsible for the actions of others, and eliminates protections against cities running speed traps.


Violations Plummet with Longer Yellow Light Time

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