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Please join Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblymember Phil Ting, and Assemblymember David Chiu for a Town Hall for a discussion about state issues as the relate to the new administration in Washington. We need to address the importance of these issues.

SUPPORT the Repeal of Costa Hawkins : with the de-constr vHUD housing, the state needs to deal with the costs of housing that is pushing people onto the street and this is the one bill that will free cities to handle the crisis as they see fit by removing state limitations. REPEAL COSTA HAWKINS! Let the cities choose.

OPPOSE the Speed Camera Pilot Program in San Francisco and San Jose : 
NO MORE SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS. We agree with the ACLU that we don’t need of want any more surveillance cameras on our streets gathering data on our movements. ACLU filed a complaint about the SF Airport Cameras that are scanning licenses in and out of the airport on the grounds that they are an invasion of privacy. Now we know that all data may be used against us by any government body. Now is not the time to increase surveillance on our citizens. As we know, California has recently begun issuing license to people regardless of their “legal” status, so many people may be swept into the net.
Sign the petition and contact your state representatives

San Francisco Issues

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit, Inc.

San Franciscans for Sensible Transit, Inc. filed a suit to stop the most expensive disruptive Geary BRT plan opposed by Richmond residents and merchants.

Businesses all of the city oppose the Red Lanes and parking removal on major commercial corridors. Many vacancies are coming up in the Castro, on Mission and other streets since the SFMTA projects invaded. The BRT comes with Red Lanes. The Red Lanes on Mission Street and other neighborhood corridors are an experiment that does not conform with State laws and regulations. There is a movement stop this pilot program. Contact to find our how you can help. San Franciscans for Sensible Transit, Inc.

Stop the spread of Red!

We Need Your Voice to Remove The Red Carpet Mess on Mission Street
Write a letter: Government Transportation Contacts
Sign the petition:
Join us:

For inspiration watch the Small Business Commissioners reaction to the RPP presentation here. Go to Item 7: The Commissioners’ comments start around (03:07:35).

Shuttle Bus Petition:

We the undersigned request that the City and County of San Francisco institute measures to relieve traffic congestion and mitigate environmental impacts resulting from the Commuter Shuttle Program. We urge the exploration and adoption of alternative transport modes, such as the use of smaller, more efficient vehicles and ride-share platforms, the consolidation of bus routes, and the wider dispersal of the traffic presently concentrated on a narrow selection of over-burdened streets… (sign here)

Shuttle bus facts:

City Hall is allowing the shuttle bus program to continue in spite of many problems. If you have a problem in your neighborhood, you should request a meeting with your supervisor to work on your issues. There is one coming to Noe Valley soon.

Adopt a Pothole.

Join the national movement. Simply complaining about the potholes doesn’t work. Adopt a pothole and make it your mission to get it fixed. Take a picture. Make note of the address. File a report on it with DPW using the Mayor’s 311 complaint system. You may also call 311 and speak to an operator but this can be time-consuming. It is easier to file a complaint online to get it entered into the record. All feedback is linked to the 311 system and offers you a referral number, which you can use to check on the status of your pothole. Use that system and report back on your progress.

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Recent Posts

Traffic safety is no easy fix

Examiner readers – comments
Make traffic deaths a thing of the past,”
In My View, April 18

Traffic safety is no easy fix

SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin proclaims that “each [San Francisco traffic fatality] is preventable” as though this is somehow self-evident simply because he proclaims it. It is no such thing.

As SFPD Cmdr. Mikail Ali discovered in his detailed analysis of 2013 and 2014 street fatalities, the majority of fatalities are due to “really, really bad behavior” on the part of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Anyone who cycles and walks in San Francisco every day, as I do, will be as confounded as I am at the notion that red-light-running, inattentive jaywalking and failures to yield at crosswalks can be prevented by “Vision Zero,” which is a slogan pretending to be a panacea.

Reiskin cites “data analysis” as the basis for ever more expensive and intrusive mismanagement of our traffic flow. Yet despite having more than 5,000 employees at his service, the SFMTA has been slow to publish its annual collisions reports so we, citizens, can review the data ourselves.

The latest canard is “speeding,” something we all know is nearly impossible to do on tight, congested inner-city streets. Yet, it will be cited as justification for massive new camera surveillance. I’m sure the vendors of the speeding cameras are pleased by Reiskin’s endorsement of their solution to a nonexistent problem, as well as Uber and Lyft, who smile upon his efforts to divert our attention away from the true current scourge: distracted ride-hail drivers.

Deane Hartley
San Francisco

Ed Reiskin has admitted that Vision Zero has failed to put a dent in traffic deaths. So, his solution is MORE OF SAME.


According to a February 7 report titled “SFMTA Board Workshop”, in 2016 there were 3 bicycle fatalities, 16 pedestrian fatalities and 11 people were killed in vehicles. Bus and rail collisions and traffic congestion was up.


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