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The actions this week are on the state bills.


The East Mission Parking Management Plan should be here:
We will try to list proposed projects in the Mission District that residents and businesses as they arise.

The working group meetings is where they will supposedly make decisions.
See dates below:

Thursday, November 7, 5 PM
2424 Mariposa – Verdi Club –
Northeast Mission Parking Management Project (Working Group Session #2) 5:00pm Verdi Club.

Thursday, December 5, 5:30 PM
2424 Mariposa – Verdi ClubNortheast Mission Parking Management Project (Working Group Session #3) 5:30pm Verdi Club


As you may know, the red transit lanes in San Francisco’s Mission District are causing confusion for drivers. The data shows red lanes in the Mission District reinforces gentrification and hurt small businesses. The MTA has decided to move forward with the rollout of Red Lanes on 16th St, using a federal grant the City applied for and with survey data from 2014. The community has an opportunity to come out and speak on the Red Lanes being put onto 16th St. We need a strong turnout to ensure the community input is heard.  Details: Date: May 7th Time: 5:30pm-8:00pm Location: 474 Valencia (Auditorium) We look forward to seeing you. Kindly, LDC Eboard.

New Efforts are going forward to push a new version of SB 50 in 2020. Stay tuned for more on this bill.

Why Scott Wiener’s SB 50 Will Not Get Us Affordable Housing The New Trickle-Down Housing Economics: Build for the Richest 30% and Cross Your Fingers For Everyone Else. Michael Storper’s March 2019 interview with The Planning Report:

A couple of places to go for more details on bill progresses:  Stop SB50 and

There are more actions you may want to take to register your opposition to SB50 in Sacramento now that the SF Board of Supervisors has voted to oppose the bill.


SFMTA Ordinance : This is a stop-gap measure the Supervisors are suggesting along with a renewed call for greater respect for the public on the part of the SFMTA. Supervisors would take back control over some of the SFMTA Board’s decisions while a Charter Amendment is prepared for the November ballot.

SFMTA Charter Amendment:

A campaign to SUPPORT the breakup of the SFMTA is on hold while the Supervisors consider an Ordinance to take back control over some neighborhood projects and apply pressure to the SFMTA by threatening to put the Charter Amendment on the November ballot. Send your comments and complaints to these Contacts for City Hall. There is a sample Letter of suppport.

Stop the corporate takeover of our streets by MTC/Motivate and Ford GoBikes.

Sign the petition to stop the Bikes in the Mission.  People are voicing opposition and demanding removal of infringing GoBikes. At the SFMTA Board meeting,   Board members were impressed by the opposition. Art Torres said “I think this is unacceptable… I’m glad you folks told us about this. This isn’t just going away.” He’s got that right.


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Watch the Schedules: cancalendar
How to Interact with the SFMTA: Today’s version

Metermadness Scooped the Scoot story:

SFMTA Pulls Another Lucy on Us – This time giving our curbs to Scoot – 
The legislation is before the Planning Commission on Thursday. Let the Mayor, Planning Commissioners and Supervisors know how you feel about the privatization of public streets.

Contacts here:

Stop the spread of Red! We Need Your Voice to Remove The Red Carpet Mess on Mission Street and stop the spread to other streets like the Geary BRT.

Write a letter: Government Transportation Contacts
Sign the petition:
Join SF for Sensible Transit
Sign the petition to Stop the Red Carpet Mess

For inspiration watch the Small Business Commissioners reaction to the RPP presentation here. Go to Item 7: The Commissioners’ comments start around (03:07:35).

Adopt a Pothole. Join the intgernational movement. Simply complaining about the potholes doesn’t work. Adopt a pothole and make it your mission to get it fixed. Take a picture. Make note of the address. File a report on it with DPW using the Mayor’s 311 complaint system. You may also call 311 and speak to an operator but this can be time-consuming. It is easier to file a complaint online to get it entered into the record. All feedback is linked to the 311 system and offers you a referral number, which you can use to check on the status of your pothole. Use that system and report back on your progress.

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