Charter Amendment

This Charter Amendment is being up on hold while the Board of Supervisors attempts to send a strong message to the SFMTA that they must change the way they are operating if they don’t want to give the voters a Charter Amendment option. Be vigilant and continue to demand better treatment and report back to the supervisors on how you are being treated.

Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters

Here is the first draft of the language put forth to as a proposal to amend the charter that establishes the authority of the SFMTA, referred to as the SFMTA Charter Amendment ballot initiative. Please review this and let your supervisors know how you feel about this amendment. Contacts are here.

Updated Versions are here:

Legislative Version 2 :

Legislative Digest 2 :

The Supervisors have announced a new Ordinance that would take place a lot sooner and would bring the control over neighborhood issues into the jurisdiction of the Supervisors. The plan is to try that out for a few months to see if a Charter Amendment is needed to straighten out the problems that the public is having with the SFMTA department.

The Ordinance is here. Sorry for any confusion that was caused by lack of detailed information. We generally track the media and on this issue the media is confused. Therefore we are getting mixed messages. As of Wednesday, January 24th, the deadline for the Charter Amendment was amended to be on the November ballot. There is plenty of time to work with your Supervisor to find out how this new Ordinance may apply to your problem.

Continue to work with your Supervisors to demand changes at the neighborhood level and suggest amendments and support for this Charter Amendment, that will be considered for the November 2018 ballot.

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