We will continue to track appeal and engagement processes.

The supervisors have set up a system to appeal SFMTA Board decisions so that we may use the authority they took in passing Ordinance 180089. Thanks to the Board of Supervisors SFMTA is taking the public opinion more seriously. Ordinance No. 127-18 specifying which SFMTA decisions are reviewable by the Board of Supervisors can be accessed on-line. Download to the form to file an appeal:

List of Resolutions passed by the SFMTA Board of Directors:

Red Lanes:

After many complaints by Muni riders, drivers, merchants, and Supervisors, SFMTA Director Reiskin stated that the supervisors will determine who may drive in the red lanes, leaving SFMTA off the hook for that, even though red lanes are not covered in the Ordinance. You may want to send your thoughts on this and your comments regarding the red lanes and plans to expand them, and copy Reiskin and the Mayor. Contacts for the city officials are here:

Public Outreach

SFMTA is setting up an outreach program in response to many public requests for a process to track public hearings that will allow the public an opportunity to weigh in on the SFMTA Board decisions and hopefully future plans before they spend a lot of taxpayer dollars developing programs the public opposes.

Ford GoBikes and Associates: has a map that includes current and planned bike sites, but, this map does not appear to be complete. Check it against what you see on the streets:

SFMTA is taking public opinion more seriously so voice your opinions!

District 2 has a map of planned GoBike stations that may work for other districts. For some reason this district appears to be not included on the FordGoLive map.

Message sent by Supervisor Stefani: I have been working diligently over the last few months with MTA and Motivate to plan a better outreach effort for Bike Share in District 2. Presently, Motivate and MTA have proposed seven potential sites for GoBike’s initial docking stations in our District. Our plan now is to gather feedback from the community and organize meetings with the neighbors to learn how people feel about GoBikes and these sites. Here is what you can do to provide feedback:

  1. Fill out this surveyto share your thoughts on bike share in District 2.
  2. Review the map below to see the locations of the seven potential sites.
  3. Attend a community meeting to discuss Bike Share and the sites. Staff from MTA and Motivate will discuss the selection process and possible timelines for projects. We will provide times and locations for each of the meetings as soon as they are set.

Marina (Sites 1, 2, and 3)
Van Ness Corridor (Sites 4, 5, and 6)
Allyne Park (Site 7)

Potential GoBike Sites in D2

On-Street On-Street_Site.png                 Off-Street Off-Street_Site.png

  1. Bay Street at Fillmore
  2. Buchanan at Marina (Marina Safeway)
  3. Laguna at Francisco (Moscone Recreation Center)
  4. Francisco at Polk
  5. Ghirardelli Square
  6. Washington at Van Ness
  7. Green at Gough (Allyne Park)

We look forward to hearing from you and conducting a strong outreach effort.


Supervisor Catherine Stefani