SFMTA CAC motions from the September 6, 2018 Meeting:

CAC MOTION 180906.01 

The SFMTA CAC recommends that the SFMTA require Bike Share notices to be posted and mailed to all community associations in the surrounding areas as well as neighbors within 500 feet at least 30 days prior to a hearing and that the SFMTA Board requires SFMTA staff and Motivate staff to create and maintain a dedicated webpage with the following information regarding Bike Share Stations:

  1. Proposed locations for Bike Share Stations 30 days before the hearing
  2. Interactive map indicating present, approved, and proposed Bike Share Station locations
  3. Suggestion form for residents and constituents to give feedback on Bike Share Station locations
  4. Maintained log of suggestions (from point 3) with responses from Motivate and SFMTA staff
  5. Contact information for Motivate/SFMTA staff responsible for Bike Share Station outreach

CAC MOTION 180906.02 

The SFMTA CAC recommends that decisions about siting bike share docks require final approval from the SFMTA Board.

You may download a word document of the CAC motions and send letters and comments to the Mayor and Supervisors. Contacts are here: https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/san-francisco-officials/