SFMTA Ordinance

YOU WON! The Supervisors heard your demands for relief from the excesses of the SFMTA and calls to decentralize the department.

All your efforts to get the attention of City Hall paid off. You have a chance to take back control of your streets. You also have some good questions to ask the candidates who are running for office in your district.

The supervisors have set up a system to appeal SFMTA Board decisions so that we may use the authority they took in passing Ordinance 180089. As you can see, the SFMTA is now taking the public opinion more seriously. We will attempt to track the details here as they unfold:  https://metermadness.wordpress.com/actions/process/

We hope this clears up the details of the Supervisors’ plans to address some of our problems with the SFMTA by adopting an ordinance and consider a Charter Amendment that addresses neighborhood issues at the district level. We are looking forward to further explanations as the Supervisors work out the details. Stay tuned…

Ordinance: 180089  [Transportation Code – Board of Supervisors Review of Certain Municipal Transportation Agency Decisions] Sponsors: Safai; Peskin

Link to Ordinance Language: Ordinance amending Division I of the Transportation Code to establish a procedure for Board of Supervisors review of certain Municipal Transportation Agency Decisions. TO BE HEARD AT THE FULL BOARD OF SUPERVISORS WITH A RECOMMENDATION FROM THE COMMITTEE TO SUPPORT. (There may be some public comment if amendments are read into the record.)

Existing Law: Notwithstanding the SFMTA’s exclusive authority to adopt various parking and traffic regulations, Charter section 8A. 102(b)(8) permits the Board of Supervisors to establish procedures by which the public may seek Board of Supervisors review of certain SFMTA decisions ; however, the Board of Supervisors have not yet adopt procedures to provide for such review.

Amendments to Current Law: This ordinance amends Division I of the San Francisco Transportation Code to establish procedures for review of certain SFMTA decisions by the Board of Supervisors. The ordinance: (1) creates definitions for “Final SFMTA Decision,” “Private Transportation Program,” and “Proximity to Final SFMTA Decision”; (2) establishes a procedure for the public to request review of a Final SFMTA Decision by the Board of Supervisors; (3)  requires that notice of the review hearing be posted in the Clerk’s Office; and (4) provides a procedure for the Board of Superiors to affirm or reverse a Final SFMTA Decision following the review hearing.

Background Information: Supervisors Safai and Peskin requested legislation to establish a procedure for Board of Supervisors review of certain SFMTA decisions.

Links and attached documents:

Recording of Meeting. Item 3: 180089 Transportation Code – Board of Supervisors Review of Certain Municipal Transportation Agency Decisions:

Latest Versions are here: Legislative language: Leg Ver5, Legislative digest: Leg Dig Ver5
Transcription of meeting: LUCT Meeting on April 30

Note this in the footnootes: “No Parking” still allows stopping or standing for purposes of loading and unloading passengers and goods.” In other words, Pull over. Don’t double-park to load and unload your vehicle.

Let us know if you have any questions through comments. Let us know if you want them to remain private.