Plan Bay Area
Unelected swarms of bureaucrats hope to harass Bay Area citizens
Halted Figueroa bike lane project riles cycling activists

California State Bills

Other California Cities Challenging Transportation Issues

Long Beach: Residents Protest Bike Changes:
…Local residents made their position very clear when the city first approached the neighborhood association about the project. Did the city listen? No, an email by Long Beach Transportation Planner Steve Tweed to a consultant, obtained under the Public Records Act, leaves no doubt about how residents actually feel: “As we conducted our community outreach with the Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association (neighborhood north of Wardlow on Pacific) they have objected to our proposal to install a traffic signal at Pacific Avenue@Wardlow Road and bike lanes on Pacific Avenue north of Wardlow Road to San Antonio Drive…. So we are now looking at offering something to the neighborhood in exchange for their approval to install the signal and bike lanes up Pacific Avenue.”…
Richard Gutmann and Anita Pettigrew are members of the Wrigley Heights Committee... (more)

Oppose Assembly Bill 666 which would strip crucial due process rights from drivers who receive red-light camera tickets. The bill is under consideration in the Assembly transportation and judicial committees. Sign the petition to Stop AB 666

Tumlin of Nelson/Nygarrad was fired by the city of Santa Monica. Do we want to continue listening him and putting our faith in Nelson/Nygaard if they are responsible for the current state of traffic and parking in San Francisco, as they claim in their marketing materials? Commissioner Wants to Shelve ‘Nutty’ Parking Plan. The Planning Commission sent the parking plan back to the drawing board for further public input. Now, it appears that the Planning Commission has come back with the “new plan” same as the old plan, that involves Smart Parking Meters in residential neighborhoods: Parking meters may be coming to residential streets. Another pilot program.



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