Free Muni youth passes show San Francisco’s bad priorities – excerpt

I think I’m losing my mind with what’s going on in San Francisco these days, but I still have a much better grip on reality than Supervisor David Campos and his crusaders for free Muni youth passes.
This insanity can’t get much more obvious than when two facing pages in The San Francisco Examiner feature stories about Sunday parking meter enforcement and free passes for the kids who bring loud music, litter, cussing and fighting onto the buses.
As we all know, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is constantly whining about how cash-poor it is, but at the same time, its board of directors wants to permit even more freeloading while the buses go without maintenance.
Sunday meter enforcement makes the news only because the privileged churchgoers — who have been blocking our streets illegally for decades — fear they may actually have to be careful how they park like the rest of us.
And it is this same Campos who can’t be bothered to lift a finger to bring in more revenue by citing all the cars that park illegally on his district’s sidewalks, making it necessary for pedestrians to risk their lives walking in the middle of the street.
Carl Hoffman
San Francisco

We are taking no position on the free Muni passes for youth and are holding out hope that Campos will protect us as he promised. We do agree that the SFMTA is out of control and needs to be stopped. As we mentioned in the stupid story, they appear to be incapable of doing anything other than complaining and whining for more money. We draw the line at the idea that the Muni is spending time entertaining the idea that Muni should charge according to income. GIVE ME A BREAK! How many meetings will Ed attend to discus this latest insanity? How many buses will be out of order tomorrow? Muni needs a real leader who doesn’t do anything else. FIX MUNI FIRST!


Ed Lee takes new track on Muni management from previous mayors

By: Will Reisman : sfexaminer – excerpt

In December 2009, during a routine news conference to announce the unveiling of some painted bike lanes, former Mayor Gavin Newsom somehow managed to create a morsel of news out of a ho-hum event.
Frustrated by the lack of progress in his cherished citywide bike-sharing network, Newsom told local reporters that Nathaniel Ford, then the director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, would be looking for a new job if the cycling project wasn’t completed.
The remark was typical of Newsom, a hyperkinetic manager who often immersed himself in matters related to The City’s transportation agency… Newsom loomed large over all transportation-related matters — an approach that made him very different from his chosen successor, Mayor Ed Lee…
“Mayors can use their bully pulpits to really stick up for their agency and make transit-first policies a priority. Mayor Lee has potential to lay out that big vision for Muni, but frankly, he’s never done it before. We’re still unclear about what he wants for the agency, and his leadership definitely leaves a little bit to be desired.”… (more)

Motion 120911.01 – update

Motion 120911.01 – The SFMTA CAC recommends that sidewalk parking laws be enforced not just against cars that leave less than four feet of direct-line travel room for pedestrians, but additionally against any car being more than one foot into the sidewalk…  (more)

We think is what we think this rule may mean…

SFMTA Citizens’ Advisory Council

Agenda and schedule – excerpt

Thursday, October 4, 2012 | 5:30 pm

Motion 120911.01 – The SFMTA CAC recommends that sidewalk parking laws be enforced not just against cars that leave less than four feet of direct-line travel room for pedestrians, but additionally against any car being more than one foot into the sidewalk…  (more)

Anybody want to explain this one? This is what we think this means…

Passionate about transit? Join the Geary Bus Rapid Transit Advisory Committee

By Sarah B. : – excerpt

The Citizens Advisory Committee provides input in refining the BRT alternatives, considering project benefits and impacts for all users of the corridor, developing mitigation strategies, and identifying a preferred alternative.
Currently the project is working on an environmental study, with the study team and other public agencies working collaboratively with the GCAC, as well as inviting public participation through community meetings.
If you’re interested in applying for the open position on the Citizens Advisory Committee, visit for more information and download the application form. Applicants from neighborhoods along the Geary corridor are particularly encouraged to apply. The application deadline is October 24 at 5pm…  (more)

Muni Finally Issues On-Time Report Without Inflating Numbers

by Zusha Elinson : The Bay Citizen – excerpt

For the first time in more than a decade, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency released a report on the on-time arrival rate of its buses and trains without inflating the numbers…
Muni’s willingness to use accurate on-time numbers came after The Bay Citizen reported in July that Muni officials were using accounting maneuvers to boost the reported on-time rate by as much as 18 percent since 2001, according to an internal memo. The transit agency has been under pressure to improve timeliness since 1999, when San Francisco residents approved a ballot measure requiring the transit agency to be on time at least 85 percent of the time…
The Bay Citizen also found that Ford and another former CEO, Michael Burns, received bonuses that were tied directly to the inflated rates… (more)

Many San Francisco residents are fed up and want to break up the SFMTA, essentially repealing Prop “E”. They feel the agency is totally out of control. Repeated stories such as this one make it hard to trust the leadership.

What’s in a Parking Brand?

By BRETT WOOD, P.E. : – excerpt

Can you name many parking programs off the top of your head? Maybe the one you work for?
If you pay close attention to the industry, you know SFpark. They have been at the forefront of the parking technology revolution for a few years now. But it’s more than their robust approach to parking management that makes them famous; it’s their brand and the way they present themselves to both the San Francisco community and the parking industry. They developed an iconography and brand that announces to the parker that it’s safe and easy to park when you see the SFpark logo. And even beyond that, they expanded their brand into a marketing and education campaign that compliments the programs mission and goals. See the print version here, and the video they developed here

We will let you draw your own conclusions about this kind of activity that our Mayor and District Supervisors are supporting when the approve the SFMTA budget. Of course they are passing the bill onto us for these grandiose schemes that have nothing to do with fixing the Muni or balancing Muni’s budget.

Aiming to Win Over Critics, SFMTA Spells Out Its Parking Policies on Paper

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s embattled efforts to put a rational price on the city’s car parking supply by expanding parking meters have led the agency to develop a document [PDF] that, for the first time, lays out its parking policies in one place. SFMTA officials, who presented a draft to the SFMTA Board’s Policy and Governance Committee today, say the document is intended to clarify the agency’s goals and make its parking management decisions more transparent….

As Streetsblog has written, when parking is free or underpriced, spaces fill up, and drivers cruise around for a spot. That means more pollution, traffic congestion, gas consumption, wear on the roads, slower transit, more danger for people walking and biking, and fewer customers able to park at businesses… (more)

How does having to re-park your car several times a day  improve traffic congestion, gas consumption and air quality?


Neighbors want more input on Warriors arena proposal

By: Ari Burack : – excerpt

The Warriors may have forged a deal with Mayor Ed Lee for a new, privately financed arena along The City’s waterfront, but the team still faces the thorny city approval process and neighbors with many questions about a project initially presented as a foregone conclusion.

Supervisor Jane Kim — whose district includes the proposed site and who along with the rest of the Board of Supervisors has expressed support in principle for the development — introduced legislation Tuesday to set up a Citizens Advisory Committee to weigh in on the project…

The South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association — representing one of the last major neighborhoods in The City yet to be fully developed — has not taken a formal position on the proposed site on Piers 30-32.

“We’ve never seen anything, any plans or architecture, so we still don’t have anything to react to,” association President Katy Liddell said. Her group has expressed “serious concerns” about adding an arena near AT&T Park, and the accompanying traffic, parking, crime and cleanliness issues…


Bike Lobby Gaining Influence

By Elyce Kirchner, Liz Wagner and Felipe Escamilla – excerpt

Bay Area bicycle-friendly policies reveal bike community power

Thirty years ago the bicycle community in the Bay Area was considered a fringe group. Today it’s an organized political machine that’s changing the way your neighborhood looks.

NBC Bay Area Travel and Transportation Investigative Reporter Elyce Kirchner examined how cyclists have become so influential on city streets and in city halls, and found that their strength is in numbers.

Dave Snyder, former president of the San Francisco Bike Coalition helped grow the organization from a handful of members in 1991 to at least 12,000 today. That’s large enough to be considered a political party in San Francisco. Just 4,000 more Republicans in the city voted in the last election..

“I am not aware of a single elected official in San Francisco that think of themselves as antithetical or oppositional to what the biking movement is about and what the biking constituent wants,” Chiu said.

Recent bike-friendly policy changes prove that…