8 thoughts on “Supervisors

  1. Enough is enough! They Mayor and The Board of Supervisor needs to put SFMTA leadership on notice that they need to come up with a better plan to solve its’ money problems. This agency is way out of control and needs to be responsive to the people that live in this City. If they fail to do this, then it’s the responsiblility of the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to do something about them.


  2. San Francisco business would grind to a halt if people quit using cars & trucks, but SFMTA acts like they want this to happen. Think about it. Without cars and trucks, business owners couldn’t bring supplies to their business, packages couldn’t be delivered, family groceries couldn’t be carried home, contractors couldn’t take their tools to jobs, musicians couldn’t carry their gear to gigs, and practically no one would go out to eat at the fine restaurants around town. The last one is huge! We’re a tourist and fine dining destination. Even when people fly into town, they still rent cars so they can see the sites and spend money. Hitting them with overpriced parking at every turn is not a smart thing to do if you want them to come back.

    Does the city really want to kill business?

    Besides, if MUNI is ever successful in reducing the use of cars & trucks in SF, they’ll no longer receive so much income from exorbitant parking fees, parking tickets, towing kick backs, and everything else that’s happening in the business killing business of making it unaffordable to drive in San Francisco.


    And please DON”T uglify the city any further with more parking meters in the neighborhoods. That is totally WRONG for a beautiful city. And totally wrong for the people who bought property in those neighborhoods.

    Excessive parking restrictions are turning into a unifying political issue for San Francisco residents. That’s the information you need in order to realize MUNI has already gone too far. The time to stop and fix it is now.


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  5. We just decided to move away from San Francisco. Among our concerns were the roadways (another was the number of truly embarrassingly bad schools). They are in such disrepair that you spend more time looking at the streets for dangers than you do looking for pedestrians or bicyclists. The narrowing of streets and capitulation to a bike crowd that represents a small and barely growing percentage of the city is bordering on insane.

    What would the city if someone organized a “Car Coalition” that took over the streets one night a week, driving illegally and defiantly in the face of the rest of the city’s desires and needs? Perhaps it should be tried to prove a point.

    Muni drivers follow no rules. Apparently driving rules do not apply to bikers. Pedestrians act as if they are carproof and the city continues to redesign streets to be like video game obstacle courses.

    Take a breath. Remember that most humans couldn’t bike the city if they wanted to, even if every street was ONLY for bikes.

    Get a clue. Cars are a great for of transportation and the only way most people can have economic flexibility in a city that has such poor and limited public transportation (something that cannot be and will never be fixed to anyone’s satisfaction).

    Yes, we owned a home and paid pretty high property taxes. No, we weren’t subsidized, discounted, slacking with a group of 6 friends in an apartment meant for 2. Yes, someone bought our house without question (and without children) and will continue to pay those taxes, right up until they also get fed up. Politicians, this cycle benefits you today, but it benefits no one in the long run.


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