ENUF has joined the non-partisan backlash against government overreach that is fighting privatization and commercialization of public streets and  properties all over the country.
We have caught the media’s attention as we abandon former party alliances to protect our civil liberties.
We are working to stop the development that is bringing the massive traffic mess to our streets. To that end we are backing Prop I as the first step in the process. We are also backing new leadership at City Hall.

The history of the movement: Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF) was born out of concerns over plans to install thousands of parking meters in the North Eastern Neighborhoods. When signs popped up announcing that parking meters were going to to installed all over Potrero Hill, Dogpatch and the Mission District, hundreds of angry citizens showed up at City Hall to protest. Residents and merchants complained about meters in front of their homes and businesses with no notice, discussion or input on their part. Neighborhood groups filed an appeal and the next day the SFMTA withdraw their plans.

Citizens organized a public meeting which was widely attended by Supervisors, SFMTA staff the media, and hundreds of irate residents. Things did not go well for the SFMTA at that meeting and they backtracked from their original plans. At this point they had a foe that was ready to strike back.

Stop SFMTA: ENUF started a petition to Stop SFMTA which put more pressure on the city authorities and gave drivers and car owners a means to direct their anger and personal stories to the city authorities.

Uniting the neighborhoods: SFMTA attempted to divide and conquer by going after one street at a time, but ENUF united all neighborhood residents and merchants and together we were able to convince the Supervisors to limit the expansion of the parking meters in the city, using the one means possible of controlling the SFMTA. They amended the parking meter contract to limit the number of meters purchased. Recently SFMTA gave up enforcement of the Sunday parking meters as well.

Restore Transportation Balance: ENUF has been credited with starting the fight but now the anger has boiled over to the point that political forces have gathered to place the Restore Transportation Balance initiative on the November ballot. Passage of this ballot, which only requires a 51% vote to pass, will send a strong message to the SFMTA that their days are numbered if they don’t change course. http://www.restorebalance14.org/

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BMW car-sharing program quits San Francisco

Gabe Nelson : automotivenews – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO — DriveNow, the car-sharing program owned by BMW that allows drivers to rent electric cars by the minute, is pulling out of San Francisco, the only U.S. city in which it operates, the company said Monday.

Because of problems with “parking permit regulations,” DriveNow said in a post on its website, the company plans to suspend service in San Francisco on Nov. 2 and focus instead on other U.S. cities.

“We fully expect to return once the city reforms its parking policies to allow for one-way car sharing,” DriveNow said. “We will continue to work with the city of San Francisco toward achieving that goal.”

For years, DriveNow had struggled to persuade San Francisco’s city government to offer “superpermits” that would allow users of the service to park anywhere in the city. Such permits are key to DriveNow’s business model, which allows drivers to find a car and drive it to their destination, at which point they leave it on the street… (more)

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