Emergency Access

Overhead view of Potrero

Potrero Avenue

Fire Trucks on Potrero entering an exiting General Hospital Parking lot near 21st Street.

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Overhead view of maneuvers overlaid on new Potrero Plan,  (not to scale yet). As you can see, there is a small island in the middle of Potrero near 21st Street now. The first engine used the opposite side of the street to pull around the island and make a left turn into the hospital lot.


The larger truck pulled out and slowly made the turn into the lot, while waiting for the cars to stop. This would not be possible with an island and trees south of 21st street.


To exit the lot, the large truck had a couple of firemen directing traffic while it backed out into the road, using at least three of the lanes. This would not work with trees in the middle of the road.


6 thoughts on “Emergency Access

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  3. The motorist torment authority wants motorists to die, plain and simple. Got help us in the next earthquake whe first responders can’t respond due to endless road diets.


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  6. Well I went to pretty much every community meeting for the Potrero Streetscape Project along with a lot of residents, community organizations and we brought this up to General Hospital, DPW and SFMTA officials and they just didn’t care. Not just the fire trucks, but ambulances rushing to get people to the hospital. So with the bike lanes being wider and the medians with the pointless trees, more traffic will occur and yes the ambulances will be stuck too. So seconds, minutes could make a difference and people will simply die because of this absurd project.


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