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In late 2000, meter maids in Boston started dissapearing and know one cared. Things have run amuck. Justin Crew a artist/construction worker living in Boston in early 2000. Local meter maids started dissappearing and Justin’s, studio was filling out.
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Aaron Peskin explains roots of SFMTA and Prop A
Sue Hestor and Dale Carlson on Prop M

Stuart Flashman on Prop M
ENUF on youtube
“Not my City Anymore” by Candace Roberts
Parking Wars on A&E  
Social Engineering video on YouTube
Video of Scott Street Meeting  

Protest song by candidate for Mayor of Calgary:
New Release of Parking Rates Parody Song on You Tube
16 Runs  –  A Lament on the Calgary Parking Authority in Alberta Canada

Here’s a 5 minute film we made on parking in San Francisco. Hilarious.

More confusion coming from SFMTA. The links below will take you to archived audio tracks taken from public speakers representing the SFMTA.

Host: Michael Krasny, of KQED Radio(archived program) 3/27/12
Jay Primus quote from the interview, “So time limits are now either 4 hours, or there is no time limit at all.

SFMTA Meeting audio track 1
SFMTA Meeting audio track 2
SFMTA Meeting audio track 3

San Francisco is becoming known for Parking Tickets
is on your side. They offered to pay 100 parking tickets.
Ticket Traps
and Photos and More Graphics

Links to recordings of meetings recorded at City Hall are here:
Supervisor Campos comments at the NE Mission March 21 meeting: on Youtube
NE Mission / SFMTA march 21 public meeting on YouTube
SFMTA public meetings recorded: Vimeo ENUF group
The Whole Foods Parking Lot / Berkeley Remix
The Parking Meter Blues
Why is there a bus stop in front of my garage?
The Gil Gross Program – Tony Kelly Interview Posted on August 8, 2012
The Gil Gross Program : Newstalk 910 KKSF – excerpt Gil talks to Tony Kelly, a spokesman for ENUF (Eastern Neighborhoods United Front), about the increasing use of the parking meters by the city of San Francisco and the proposed drop in services by MUNI. After talking with Kelly, Gil gets on the phone with listeners who want to talk about the coming changes…  Listen to the program

Official parking signs posted by the SFMTA

San Francisco is known for Parking Tickets
is on your side. They offered to pay 100 parking tickets.
Ticket Traps
and Photos and More Graphics

The MTA usually makes me think of “The MTA Song” a folk song about the
Boston subway system.

MUNIficent Muni font based on the “worm” logo for the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

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