Media Links

3rd Street – designed to be dangerous
Stop SFMTA and the Parking Madness Channel
San FranciscoFYi net – Linda Post
MeterMadness Media
ENUF Media 
ENUF Complaints
ENUF on Vimeo
John Smith” Channel
Small Business Commission hears complaints from Small Business Owners and Advocates April 22, 2013 meeting.
Views we want to keep. Send us your favorites, or links.
ENUF GROUP – SFMTA Meetings on Vimeo

Street Projects:

The SFMTA has become substantially non-responsive to address neighborhood and business concerns on costly, new, problematic transit projects: described in the May 9 tapes below:
Lombard : (Item 8: 1:44+,1:57+) (Item 7: 3:13+)
Geary: (Item 8: 1:49+)
Van Ness:
Taraval: (May 9, Item 8: 1:44+)
Mission: (May 9, Item 8: 1:44+)

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