Senate bill to ban use of state gasoline tax on bike lanes being considered:

$200 resident parking fee near ballpark put on holdEl Paso City Council is now backtracking on a plan to charge some residents living near the downtown ballpark to pay to park in front of their own homes. (ktsm) city officials are engineering scarcity.

MissouriNet — Mike Lear (Jefferson City) — Debate of whether to fund bicycle paths with potential proceeds from a transportation tax threatens to take the wheels off a proposed transportation sales tax. KMAIand

‘No Tax for Tracks’ Group Collides with Expensive Florida Public Transit Plan – Pinellas County residents could soon be the recipients of a massive public transportation overhaul. At face value, the cost — a penny — appears as attractive as the illustrated renderings.
It’s called the Pinellas Greenlight Plan, and for a mere 1 percent increase to the 7 percent countywide sales tax, residents could soon see a drastic expansion in bus services along with a new 24-mile light rail system.
All that stands between Pinellas and the 30-year Greenlight Plan is a “yes” vote on a November ballot referendum. That, and Barb Haselden of No Tax for Tracks.“I’ve been going to Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority meetings for three years,” she told “They will not correct the current system; instead, they want to expand it using a new funding source.”… (more)

Murder on Broadway: Pedestrian lanes blighting biz – After two years of public silence, prominent Midtown business owners are speak ing out over the ruinous impact of the 12-block-long pedestrian and bike lanes on Broadway north of 47th Street.
David Letterman ridiculed the result as a “petting zoo” for tourists… (more)

Chicago’s New Parking Meter Rules: What You Need To Know – City Hall this morning, Mayor Emanuel announced modifications to the city’s infamous parking meter lease, an issue he has promised to tackle since deciding to run for the city’s top office three years ago…  Started at the end of the summer, metered parking spaces in Chicago neighborhoods will now be free on Sundays… a new pay-by-phone option… in exchange for waiving charges on Sunday, the city will extend weekday metered parking by one hour, until 10:00 p.m … (more)

Chicago has nation’s most expensive parking meters – Drivers now pay $6.50 per hour to park on downtown streets, more than New York or even Los Angeles… (more)

To some Seattle City Council members, a new plan to help citizens avoid overtime parking tickets has an obvious flaw: It reduces the fines collected by City Hall…
Parking revenue is the new gold rush for the city of Seattle …. (more)

Whose Parking Regime Reigns Supreme? LA, SF, and NYC Compare Notes – Less than a week after Queens Community Board 3 signed off on DOT’s PARK Smart pilot for Jackson Heights, New York’s neighborhood-level parking policy changes were given some national context on Wednesday at the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ “Designing Cities” conference… (more)

Some downtown parking meters turned off for Wednesday’s Cardinals game –
ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — The city of St. Louis is making it easier for Cardinals fans to park downtown for Wednesday’s NLCS game against the San Francisco Giants.
City officials say some parking meters will not be enforced from 10 a.m. until 30 minutes after the game… (move)

Area Parking Permit Program for Businesses –  in Portland, OR – An Area Parking Permit Program is designed to help citizens who live or work in non-metered areas by controlling commuter parking in their area. This is done through a permit system that limits commuters who don’t live or work in that area to a visitor time limit. Those who do have businesses or live in the area may apply to purchase a permit, allowing parking beyond the visitor limit.

City of Toronto – temporary parking permit can be purchased online
New York – Parking Regulations

Sign Says What? Park at Your Peril
City should maintain parking requirement
Seattle Times Editorial

Seattle should not allow developers to build apartments without parking.
THE city of Seattle would be making a mistake to expand the area in which developers can build apartments without parking. The city should keep to the general rule that outside of urban centers, one new apartment unit requires one new parking space.

LAS VEGAS — Scofflaws could hack the smart cards that access electronic parking meters in large cities around the United States, researchers are finding. The smart cards pay for parking spots, and their programming could be easily changed to obtain unlimited free parking. It took researcher Joe Grand only three days to design an attack on the smart cards. The researchers examined the meters used in San Francisco, but the same and similar electronic meters are being installed in cities around the world. (read more)
Eye On Boise – House panel backs bill to shut off parking meters around Capitol during session – Ross Borden, whom many lawmakers know as  a former legislative budget analyst and who is now the director of intergovernmental affairs for the city of Boise, told the House Transportation Committee today that HB 480, Rep. Joe Palmer’s bill to turn off all parking meters around the Capitol when the Legislature is in session, wouldn’t actually make it easier for folks to get to the Capitol to testify at legislative hearings. (read more)

Parking Meter Firm Bills City Another $2.1 Million Documents Show Hidden Cost Of Lease Deal To Chicago Taxpayers – Chicago’s infamous 75 year private parking meter lease deal may cost taxpayers more than originally imagined. The city may end up Chicago Parking Meters, LLC millions of dollars in compensation if revenues end up short of expectations. (read more). And “The Expired Meter” blog recently announced Parking meter firm hits up city for 2.1 million

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