What is Real and what is fake? Who can tell?

This is what greeted me the other day on Bryant Street. An upside down sign and twisted arrow that is meaningless to me, and a bus stop notice on a corner that never had a bus stop that I can recall, with red edits on a dark orange sign. Is any of this legally binding? What does it mean? Does city agency that posted this think it will be taken seriously?

upside-down blowup-edited

Blinded By The Signs By David LaBua : 7x7xsf – excerpt
I’ve lived in SF for a couple of years, am inundated with work, need a car most days to make my life work, and after two years, am still overwhelmed by all of the traffic and signs telling me when, where, why, why not, and for how long I can or cannot park… (more)

The New Traffic Control Devices Branch, under the Office of Signs, Markings, and External Support, provides the administrative support for the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC). This committee is the vehicle by which the Department fulfills its obligation to consult with local agencies and the public, before adopting rules and regulations prescribing uniform standards and specifications for all official traffic control devices used in California… (link)

Supervisors Breed and Kim complained about the confusing signs and the lack of consistency of enforcement in the different neighborhoods.

Curb Color Rules:

There are no apparent standards for street signs SF. How do you know what is real?
NY City figured it out. Why can’t SFMTA?

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