Red Lane Experiments

Where does the SFMTA get the right to put Red transit-only Lanes on Mission Street and how do we get rid of them if we don’t like them? 

Caltrans CTCDC, (California Traffic Control Devices Committee) authorizes “experiments” on public streets. One of the Geary merchants attended one of their meetings on March 3, 2016 and expressed his concern over the red lane experiments. Since that meeting, many San Francisco citizens have written letters to the CTCDC opposing them. (down load the ctcdcbrochure)

The $300 million dollar second phase design of the Geary BRT project is opposed by San Franciscans for Sensible Transit.

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Authority Questions : It seems that SFMTA does not have the right to just paint the streets red at will. The right to conduct experiments on our public streets is granted by CTCDC and comes with conditions, including requirements for timely execution and analysis of the effects of the tests.

Questions regarding the tests areas: When CTCDC Chair Greenwood inquired as to whether the installation of the red transit lanes had expanded beyond the areas approved by the committee Mr. White replied that the installation had been used specifically in the 24/7 lanes rather than the part-time lanes. I’m Not sure what that means, but, he went on to say the only place where the lanes had been expanded beyond those shown on the map was Market Street from Fifth to Third, for consistency.

Why did Mr. White fail to mention the red transit-only lanes on Mission Street south of 16th Street?  According to the map and list of allowable streets I have seen, this portion of Mission Street is not included in the experimental areas. According to an article that ran in the SF Examiner on February 22, 2016, the red lanes were going in prior to that March 3, 2016 meeting. We are looking forward to a December 6 meeting with the CTCDC in Sacramento. More on that later.

Removal of buses and seats: One of the most controversial ideas the SFMTA has come up with so far is the removal of bus stops and seats as a way to move the buses faster. In order to reduce travel time on Geary Blvd. MUNI’s Geary BRT planners will remove bus stops that seniors depend upon to go about their day. Many of these people will be risking injury should they have to triple the distance that must walk in order to obtain special discounted meals served by the Russian Americans Community Services on Collins Street.

Conversations with the lunch crowd.
See the video on YouTube: or on our site. If this concerns you please sign our petition to block Geary BRT funding at

Unpopular projects: Considering the controversial nature of these experiments, and the fact that SFMTA is rushing ahead to approve more of the same on Geary and 16th Street, without telling the public that it is an experiment under scrutiny by the state, shows a lack of respect for the public.

For a deeper dive into the CTCDC, minutes for the September 1, 2016  meeting are posted online here:
Meetings for the March 3, 2016 meeting are posted online here:

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Frustrated Residents Pack Meeting on Mission Street Changes
By Laura Wenus (Posted June 21, 2016 12:00 pm)

Director Ed Reiskin holds the red envelope we handed him with around 3500 signatures and comments from the StopSFMTA petition. (unfortunately moveon has been hacked and there are many fake signatures coming in. The total count is around 4500 as of the end of 2016.)

With more than 100 people packed into a sweltering room, tempers ran hot at a three-hour meeting held by the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency to get feedback on the agency’s new transit lanes and turn restrictions along Mission Street. The changes, which were rolled out in March, include the creation of transit-only lanes, the prohibition of left turns fo