Transit-Only Lanes

Letter from Paula Katz to:  SFMTA Board of Directors

Subject: Please Vote Against Geary Rapid Project, Item 11 – Private Transport Should Not Be Allowed to Use Transit-Only Lanes

Dear SFMTA Board of  Directors,

I strongly urge you to vote against Item 11, the Geary Rapid Project, on the Agenda at your August 21, 2018 meeting.  This proposal should be sent back to the drawing boards.

I found out just over the weekend that under the current proposal, SFMTA would allow private transportation buses like Chariot, tour buses, casino buses, and hospital and tech shuttles to use the proposed red transit lanes on Geary between Gough and Stanyon, and today’s Examiner has an article about this.  SFMTA has told us for years that the purpose of red transit lanes is to speed up public transportation like MUNI, and that these lanes were dedicated to public transportation.  As far as I know, during the many years that SFMTA has been planning the Geary Rapid Project and its predecessor the Geary BRT,  SFMTA has not informed the community that private transportation buses and shuttles would be allowed to use the red transit lanes.

With this information coming to light only recently due to the dedicated efforts of SFMTA’s own CAC Advisory Council Member Sue Vaughan, this issue is not ready for Board approval.

I urge you to reject Item 11 and send it back to staff for further study, legal analysis, and community input.  The transit-only lanes must be public only and not for private use.

Thank you.

Paula Katz

Save Our L Taraval Stops!

P.S.  Although I live near Taraval  Street, I also ride the 38 Geary, and this issue is of concern to residents throughout San Francisco.