hoodline – excerpt

According to a new report released today by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), ride-hail vehicles make more than 170,000 trips per average weekday within the city, 12 times the number of traditional taxi trips…

The report, “TNCs Today: A Profile of San Francisco Transportation Network Company Activity,” is the first comprehensive study to estimate the volume, frequency and coverage of intra-city ride-hail trips from the transit network companies (TNCs).

The study found that Uber and Lyft had more than 5,700 vehicles operating on city streets during peak periods. On Fridays, the number of cars ballooned to 6,500.

While the total number of ride-hail vehicles authorized to operate on city streets wasn’t addressed in the study, last year, the San Francisco Examiner reported that nearly 45,000 individuals were considered active Uber or Lyft drivers based on information from the SF Treasurer’s office…

“Ride-sharing companies are logging more than a half million vehicle miles on our streets every day,” Kim said in a statement. “This is having an effect on our quality of life as well as creating serious public safety concerns—no one wants the ambulance that might save their life to be stuck in a traffic jam.”.

Want to take a look at how TNCs affect your neighborhood? Check out this interactive map, courtesy of the SFCTA… (more)

This shared vehicles program is not taking cars off the street. It is shifting who drives them from private individuals to hired chauffeurs without a chauffeur’s license. There is no sharing going on.