Save Masonic

The biggest problem we face is the elimination of traffic lanes and parking spots on our major streets. The Masonic plan is a highly controversial project. The design should be amended. Let the Supervisors know how you feel about the current plan:

Fire trucks fail the traffic circle test:

Please help protect our neighborhoods!
Support the efforts and follow the action –
  • Stop MTA from taking away all parking on Masonic from Fell to Geary (at least 167 spaces) and reducing the travel lanes during rush hour!
  • This $21 million bicycle track project will increase congestion, slow down emergency response time, increase pollution and create a special hardship for residents and businesses on and around Masonic.
  • Motor vehicle traffic on Masonic was over 32,000 vehicles per day in 2010; this will increase with the new Target store. Masonic can be improved without creating these dangers, impacts and hardships, and without spending $21 million.
  • A better and safer bike route can be created that includes the existing bike lanes along Baker.

The picture below of a raised cycle track in Richmond, British Columbia was provided to Vince by Ken Kwong of SFMTA as an example of how the Masonic tracks would work.  Mr. Kwong stated:  “Attached is a photo of an urban example similar to how Masonic might look with raised cycletracks; the location is Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.”
The area in the photo sure doesn’t look anything like Masonic to me! – Howard


2 thoughts on “Save Masonic

  1. It appears to me that the MTA is buckling under pressure from the bicycle coalition. Elimination of parking spaces to accommodate bicycles creates problems and hazardous conditions for everyone. As one who has difficulty walking distances, I have a hard enough time finding spaces that are convenient for me. I’m sure others experience the same thing. It’s time that the MTA planners stop giving in to this coalition and start listening to the people who pay for the roads!


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