Save Polk Street

SFMTA plans to limit traffic and left hand turns on Van Ness Avenue and replace street parking with bike lanes on Polk Street. This plan is highly controversial and not well known by the public. Let people know and tell the Supervisors know how you feel about this plan:

The SFTMA has proposed to remove 50% of the parking from McAllister to California Street , which includes the 1400 block of Polk. They want to put in a raised bike lane on one side of the street.  Please sign and pass on to any interested parties.

SFMTA recently relented on some bike lanes but are threatening the merchants and residents with installing tow sings on the East side of Polk during morning “rush hour”. Merchants have written petitions against this in the shops.

Tell SFMTA Go Back To The Drawing Board
SAVE POLK ST.© is asking the SFMTA for a plan that balances the needs of everyone in our neighborhood – businesses, residents as well as visitors from outside the neighborhood and around the Bay Area – whether they drive, walk, bicycle or use public transit. Support Save Polk Street. Follow the action on

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