Eastern Neighborhoods

The biggest problem we face is the elimination of traffic lanes and parking spots on our major streets. The Potrero Avenue plan, along with the expansion of General Hospital is a travesty in more ways than one. Let the Supervisors know how you feel about the way SFMTA is managing traffic and parking:

The RPP request to extend Zone W was filed. Go here to download these and other documents: http://sfenuf.net/Docs.html
Residential Parking Permit Petitions: RPP forms
Business Parking Permit Forms: RPP Biz forms

NEMBA has is developing another plan for PDRs and businesses here:

Here are some photos of the streets in the Eastern Neighborhoods that the SFMTA claims need calming and more parking controls. In truth, the streets are filling up during the day because of SFMTA’s efforts to remove parking spaces. People park here because the BART station is nearby, and because they have been squeezed out of their neighborhoods. Sound familiar? At night and on weekends there is more than ample parking.  Click on an image to launch slide show.

Most residents agree our neighborhoods need more parking, not less. We need parking right off the freeways exits so we can take public transit and not waste all day getting to the final destination. Some Supervisors and Candidates agree.

This website is provided by the City and County of San Francisco to assist San Franciscans to make street improvements in their neighborhoods, shopping districts, and workplaces. The site provides information on street improvement project types, the City’s permitting process, maintenance responsibilities, and applicable codes and guidelines. http://www.sfbetterstreets.org/

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Chiu wants Muni buses to keep their enforcement cameras on

Michael Cabanatuan ; sfgate – excerpt

Assemblyman David Chiu may have traded City Hall for the state Capitol but he’s still got his eyes on the streets of San Francisco.

Chiu will announce Monday that he is sponsoring Assembly Bill 1287 to continue permanently the city’s use of cameras aboard Muni vehicles to issue citations for vehicles stopping or parking in transit-only lanes.

The legislation would also seek to allow camera-issued citations for cars driving in transit-only lanes, “block the box” violations in which cars obstruct intersections and crosswalks, and illegally parked or stopped vehicles in lanes not designated for transit only.

“We all know Muni is too slow when buses are traveling slower than 8 miles per hour on average,” Chiu said. “We have to do something to keep buses from just crawling through our city streets and we can’t do that with cars blocking transit-only lanes.”

San Francisco has had temporary approval to issue the video citations under a pair of bills in 2007 and 2011 authored by then Assemblywoman Fiona Ma. Now, Chiu — and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency — would like to make it permanent…

The bill has the backing of Mayor Ed Lee, who said reauthorizing the transit-lane enforcement program would “help make Muni, taxis, shuttles, bikes and cars move around the city more smoothly and predictably, and can make the streets safer for everyone, particularly pedestrians.”

Thea Selby, chairwoman of the San Francisco Transit Riders Union, also backed the bill, saying the test of transit-only lanes and camera enforcement has worked.

“I can tell you that transit-only lane in my neighborhood has made a huge difference,” said the Haight Street resident. “It has sometimes halved the amount of time it takes to get down the street.”… (more)

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