Eastern Neighborhoods

http://enufsf.com/ deals with a new Pilot plans the SFMTA has for Dogpatch.

The biggest problem we face is the elimination of traffic lanes and parking spots on our major streets. The Potrero Avenue plan, along with the expansion of General Hospital is a travesty in more ways than one. Let the Supervisors know how you feel about the way SFMTA is managing traffic and parking:

The RPP request to extend Zone W was filed. Go here to download these and other documents: http://sfenuf.net/Docs.html
Residential Parking Permit Petitions: RPP forms
Business Parking Permit Forms: RPP Biz forms

NEMBA has is developing another plan for PDRs and businesses here:

Here are some photos of the streets in the Eastern Neighborhoods that the SFMTA claims need calming and more parking controls. In truth, the streets are filling up during the day because of SFMTA’s efforts to remove parking spaces. People park here because the BART station is nearby, and because they have been squeezed out of their neighborhoods. Sound familiar? At night and on weekends there is more than ample parking.  Click on an image to launch slide show.

Most residents agree our neighborhoods need more parking, not less. We need parking right off the freeways exits so we can take public transit and not waste all day getting to the final destination. Some Supervisors and Candidates agree.

This website is provided by the City and County of San Francisco to assist San Franciscans to make street improvements in their neighborhoods, shopping districts, and workplaces. The site provides information on street improvement project types, the City’s permitting process, maintenance responsibilities, and applicable codes and guidelines. http://www.sfbetterstreets.org/

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May SFMTA Meetings – Come tell the Board what you want them to do.


SFMTA Board Meetings at City Hall Room 400, 1 PM
This month – May 3 and May 17

FYI: What SFMTA staff CAN and CANNOT do without Board approval:

What CAN this SFMTA staff group do?
The Staff: It appears all they can really do is recommend actions to the Board.
They CAN change the timing on the traffic signals and they MAY change some color curbs up to 20 feet long without a MTA Board hearing.

What MUST the Board do?
SFMTA Board MUST approve removal of: stop signs, no left turns, bus zones, blue zones, towing no parking and stopping signs, and required right turns. All of these changes take place at the SFMTA Board meetings. That is why we are taking our issues to the SFMTA Board meeting.

What CAN the Supervisors do?
Supervisors can do a lot if 8 or them agree to make the change.
A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

We  asked about enforcement for the Mission Street project:
SFMTA enforces double parking.
PCO who directs traffic at forced right turn on Cesar Chavez.
SFMTA enforces protection for street painters.
Police Department handles the rest of the enforcement. A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

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