Western Neighborhoods

19th Avenue Improvement Plan – Many residents who use public transportation oppose the new SFMTA plan. Download the preferred neighborhood plan: 19thAveDC

TEP – The major complaints from the western neighborhoods are coming from the Muni riders who oppose the TEP.  The SFMTA plans to make major changes to Muni service in the area and focus expansion of the system in ways that will hurt, not help, their riders. They will also try to slow traffic along 19th Avenue, one of the city’s major connecting streets that travelers use to get from Marin to the Peninsula. Plans to deadend a transit line in Parkmerced for a highly questionable developer fees instead of continuing the line to the BART station are raising a lot of eyebrows.  Letters to the Supervisors are in order if you object.

Traffic Congestion – State and federal governments need to be aware of any plans to congest traffic on major federal and state highways and connectors. At the height of popularity, Chris Christie took a big hit when his top official at the Port Authority was accused of creating gridlock on the George Washington Bridge. Traffic congestion is a major national issue that the media is investigating, along with the new backlash against stack and pack housing. All environmentalists do not support government plans to move people into tall city towers around transit corridors as the best solution to mitigate global warming.

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