File a Consumer Complaint with the California State Attorney General

MTA has a new format to accept complaints.  This covers  Taxi, Commuter Shuttle Buses, Chariot, Powered Scooters, BikeShare and more.  Regulated and Emerging Mobility Technology items are covered.

When your arrive at the link, read the documentation and scroll down to the complaint form.  Clicking on the listed  blue topical link will lead you to a closed loop. Lots of information on the different topics, so you can sight and submit a complaint.

Let the Mayor and Board of Supervisors know know you feel:

SFMTA Public Records Request Center

Don’t just complain about problems you see on the streets of Dogpatch and Potrero Hill. Do something about them. Report them here:
Adopt a pothole or file a complaint here:
Locate your problem are on the map, upload a photo, and file a complaint.

Call SFMTA and complain about the lack of safe parking in SF (these could be dated)
tom maguire 415 701 4677
andy thornley 415 701 4213

Submit WTF parking photos: #wtfparking:

The USDOT Office of Inspector General (OIG) maintains a hotline to facilitate the reporting of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement in U.S. Department of Transportation’s programs and operations. Their phone is 1-800-424-9071.

List your SFMTA ticket complaints here:
Join the National Motorists Association for regular updates on national efforts to protect drivers’ interests here:
Why is there a bus stop in front of my garage?


Share your complaints add as a comment.

12 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Muni’s bad management – from SFGate
    In response to your March 7 story, “Where to find money for Muni?”: It is absurd and insulting to the residents of San Francisco that the Metropolitan Transit Agency is considering the idea of extending parking meter times into the evenings and charging for meters on Sunday.
    What has the MTA done to deal with the problem of the millions of dollars Muni loses each year to fare evaders? What has the MTA done to reform the inefficient union work rules that cost Muni millions of dollars each year?
    Why is the agency even entertaining this idea of letting juveniles to ride the system free when Muni is burdened by chronic budget deficits?
    When are they going to learn that you don’t spend money you don’t have?
    Read more:


  2. One Way to Fight a Street-Sweeping Ticket

    Noe Valley Voice – Street sweeping rules defined
    On Monday, June 14, the west side of Noe Street was due for its regular street cleaning. That morning, I had a couple of carpenters scheduled to help with repairs to my house, which is on Noe between 23rd and Alvarado streets. We all waited outside for the sweeping truck to go by before the carpenters parked to come in. The sweeper went by, and we parked.
    About five minutes later, the DPT (Department of Parking and Traffic) folks came by and ticketed us. I felt terrible. One carpenter said, “I love working for nothing,” as he thought about a day’s wages going to DPT instead of his family.
    To clarify the law, I emailed Supervisor Bevan Dufty, and he immediately went into action. His staff contacted DPT, and within days I got the following email:
    “I have investigated your complaint and have discovered that the street-cleaning truck went off their route. A report of the truck’s GPS reflects this. Our policy hasn’t changed. We only issue citations when we are ahead of the street cleaner. I will be submitting a request for adjudication on the citations that you received. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.”
    The letter was signed by James Lee, Assistant Director, SFMTA Enforcement Division.
    This is what responsive government is all about. Three cheers for Bevan Dufty taking time to help on the little things that actually mean so much to individuals. If anyone else got tickets that day, please know that you can successfully fight them.
    Mindy Kershner
Noe Street


    • Lucky you, thanks for sharing your story.
      I recently got a street cleaning ticket too, the ticket was issued way before the street cleaning truck came. I moved my car right before the street cleaning truck came. I will contact the local supervisor Mark Farell in the Richmond district to see if he can help me out.


  3. On 1/27 we fed the meter on the block of Geary Blvd between Van Ness and Franklin. Instructions said it cost $2 for one hour. I put 6 quarters in the meter and the screen read 1:43. Although this didn’t jibe with the directions on the meter, It said to me that we had one hour and 43 minutes. When we came out at 1:15, the meter read expired. We did not have a ticket but that was just luck of the draw. Can someone explain this discrepancy between Meter directions and actual functioning?
    Nan McGuire
    Russian Hill


  4. Posted for a reader:
    Can you consider doing something for the drivers of SF. that is the excessive amount of the fines, 490.00 for running a red light is excessvie and other amounts for othe violation are just too much. can you look into that issue? please.
    Carpe Diem—Seize the Day


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    Companies Involved: SFMTA
    Issue Area: Billing Errors

    I’ve recently received 2 parking citations within a 2 months span parked in the same area near SF State University. The first ticket was for “expired” tabs however if they would have researched my VIN and license plate number properly they would have come to find that my registration was indeed paid, I was just waiting to receive from the DMV. I sent in an appeal (with receipts from the DMV to back it up) on September 11th only to receive a “denied” response a month later. They gave me 3 options to “clear” the citation. The 1st was to pay the $117 dollars. The 2nd was to request another appeal. The 3rd was to have a “peace officer” sign off on the ticket to showcase that my tabs were current and up to date. In choosing option 3 you would also have to submit a $10 “administrative fee”. I was lucky enough to find an officer patrolling my neighborhood, had him sign off and paid the $10. This is not the end of it however as I received another citation on Monday 10/28. This case is particularly upsetting. The officer supposedly checked my vehicle at 11:39am. I actually saw him down the street ticketing someone else so I approached him letting him know that it was impossible for him to chalk my vehicle at 11:39a because my car was not even parked in that spot yet. Luckily (so I thought) I had a paper trail proving my innocence. I tried to show him my gas receipt putting me at the gas station at 11:43a but he was not willing and simply told me to “have a nice day”. I’ve attached the letter I submitted as well as supporting evidence. With my slam dunk case, I can only imagine that my ticket will get dismissed. However with the SFMTA, it seems they make you jump through hoops to prove your innocence. You’d think my evidence will be enough. The real question is, how many wrongful citations did this officer give that day? When I spoke to him he was 100% certain that it was indeed my car that he chalked at 11:39am but as you can see with my evidence, that makes it impossible. Just yesterday, I received a letter back from them stating “the citation was properly issued and is valid”. I knew this would happen. I belive it happened because dismissing my case immediately would showcases a flaw in their system. I am sure they were not banking on the fact that I have a paper trail to prove my innocence. What about those poor other college students who don’t? I truly believe that they are targeting college students who park in this area. Because they feel the citation was properly issued, I now have to take the time to go to the SFMTA for an in-person hearing. Why should I have to go through all of this because of one persons mistake? This is just so wrong. Furthering research I found numerous experiences from fellow commuters and parkers here: In addition, i’ve collected information from other students around campus who’ve had the same or similar instance happen. Something needs to be done and I will not rest until my citation is dismissed and I receive an apology from the ticketing officer. In addition, i’d like to see the flaws of the SFMTA system exposed. I am hoping you can assist me.


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