Sign the petition to Stop SFMTA

The residents and taxpaying public in San Francisco respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors put an immediate end to SFMTA’s anti-car and other motor vehicle actions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Installing parking meters and increasing enforcement hours
  2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters

1. Moratorium on parking meters – DONE!
San Francisco residents have had enuf of the parking squeeze,and are prepared to vote the politicians out of office who support SFMTA parking meter expansion plans.

2. Free parking on Sunday – NEXT! – along with a pullback on hours of parking enforcement. 9 AM – 6 PM. Non-holidays, Monday through Saturday only.
Let your Supervisors and Mayor know what you think about the SFMTA plan to charge for city-wide Sunday Parking.

Tell the city officials and the media your personal stories
Send us your stories, complaints, and comments.

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May SFMTA Meetings – Come tell the Board what you want them to do.


SFMTA Board Meetings at City Hall Room 400, 1 PM
This month – May 3 and May 17

FYI: What SFMTA staff CAN and CANNOT do without Board approval:

What CAN this SFMTA staff group do?
The Staff: It appears all they can really do is recommend actions to the Board.
They CAN change the timing on the traffic signals and they MAY change some color curbs up to 20 feet long without a MTA Board hearing.

What MUST the Board do?
SFMTA Board MUST approve removal of: stop signs, no left turns, bus zones, blue zones, towing no parking and stopping signs, and required right turns. All of these changes take place at the SFMTA Board meetings. That is why we are taking our issues to the SFMTA Board meeting.

What CAN the Supervisors do?
Supervisors can do a lot if 8 or them agree to make the change.
A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

We  asked about enforcement for the Mission Street project:
SFMTA enforces double parking.
PCO who directs traffic at forced right turn on Cesar Chavez.
SFMTA enforces protection for street painters.
Police Department handles the rest of the enforcement. A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

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