Resolution: Let’s all be nicer on San Francisco streets

By Heather Knight : sfgate – excerpt

You’ve likely made some personal New Year’s resolutions already. Hit the gym more often. Lay off the cronuts. Never, ever watch MTV‘s new “The Real World: Ex-Plosion,” even if it is set in San Francisco.

But how about a citywide resolution? May we humbly suggest an important one: However you traverse the city’s streets – be it in a car, on a bicycle or using your own two feet – calm down. Look around. Pay attention. Be considerate… (more)

We are pleased to see that the politicians are starting to pay attention to the animosity between people that is leading to bad behavior and bad reactions to that behavior. Too much stress over traffic jams and disappearing parking spots is leading to conflicts between motor vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians. We agree. Everyone needs to calm down. We are feeling a lot calmer now that our city officials are listening to us. The Supervisors stopped the expansion on parking meters and the Mayor wants to stop charging for Sunday parking. Just knowing that our voices are heard relieves some of the stress and has a calming effect.
I am ready to live and let live. Now let’s stop the programs for eliminating parking and traffic lanes and I will be really calm and friendly.