Strollers on Muni? Old rules still apply

Heather Knight : – excerpt

Lilia Scott was dismayed when she tried taking her 2-year-old daughter, Cybelle – who was sitting in a stroller – onto a J-Church train on a recent evening. Despite the train being almost completely empty, a Muni employee “assisting” passengers at the front door told Scott the stroller was a no-go.
“I told him, ‘No, actually that’s no longer the rule, and you should check with the Board of Supervisors on this,’ ” said Scott, a Sunnyside resident and, ironically, a transit planner in the South Bay. “He backed off at that point, but he still acted like he was doing me a favor.”
The employee insisted Scott remove Cybelle from her stroller, fold the stroller, leave it near the driver and take seats several feet away.
We hate to use these words, but technically, the Muni employee was right… (more)