Bay Area needs BART to be a 100-percent reliable, world-class agency

By Tom Terrill : insidebayarea – excpert

As Bay Area transportation officials announce contingency plans in the event of a BART strike as soon as Oct. 11, and a mandated 60-day cooling off period between BART labor and management wanes, the situation remains frustrating for members of the public caught in the middle.
There has never been greater need for agreement on a long-term vision for transportation infrastructure in the Bay Area.
While specific deal points are difficult for any third party to evaluate, major issues at stake are a balancing of fair pay and benefits against the need to protect capital improvement funds for purchases of new BART cars, system safety, expansion of service and improved reliability… (more)

Officials unveil BART strike contingency plans

KTVU and AP Wires – excerpt

With another possible strike on the horizon, Bay Area Rapid Transit officials unveiled a transportation contingency plan that will provide commuters with a range of options. The $21 million plan released Tuesday would provide 200 free charter buses, extra car pool lanes and even limited train service run by managers, according to the San Jose Mercury News. If no deal is reached, BART employees could strike as early as Oct. 11, when a cooling-off period ordered last month by Gov. Jerry Brown expires…
Officials also planned to have carpool lanes in effect all day, rather than just during commute hours. New diamond lanes would be added on Highway 24 near the Caldecott Tunnel… (more)

Since they expect more cars during a BART strike, where do they expect these cars to park?

BART Management Turns Down 60 Day Cooling Off Period, Would Rather Have Strike Now Than In September

by Jeff Shuttleworth : – excerpt

BART’s two biggest labor unions announced today that their members have voted to authorize a strike against the transit agency.
Members of Service Employees International Union Local 1221, which represents 1,430 mechanics, custodians and clerical workers, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555, which represents 945 station agents, train operators and foreworkers, voted on Tuesday but the results weren’t announced until today.
The votes give union leaders the power to call a strike, but they don’t necessarily mean that one will occur.
The unions’ contracts with BART expire on Sunday, so a strike could potentially begin as soon as Monday morning… (more)

Plan “B”. Share a car. Then try to park it. Maybe SFMTA could help by relieving parking restrictions during the strike. One of our suggestions has been that the SFMTA only enforce parking restrictions when and where public transit options currently exist. Not where the “plan” to have them in the future.

AC Transit Union Says Fleet Can’t Handle BART Strike
Gridlock Fears: MTC Discusses Possible Impact Of BART Strike

Few Alternatives For Commuters Ahead Of Possible BART Strike

By Tim Ryan : – excpert

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Bay Area Rapid Transit’s unionized employees will meet on Tuesday to vote for a strike authorization that could lead to a walkout within a week. The result, transit officials said, would become a regional transportation emergency that will have commuters looking for alternatives of which there are few…
“It’s unused seats in people’s cars that can provide the capacity that make up for 400,000 lost BART trips,” he said… (more)

But where will those cars park?

This is the perfect storm that many of us have been dreading that will prove the point that the public transit system IS NOT READY to replace cars. People cannot walk and bike to work from all over the bay. BART, AC transit, and Caltrans are all at capacity.

SFMTA spends millions of dollars on PR to try to convince the world that SF has the answer to traffic management and everyone should buy their program.

This week may prove our point that removal of parking spaces is premature, at a time when the County Transportation Authority is weighing which transit projects to finance. We hope they will NOT finance Masonic and Second Street “improvements” at this time.

Question: Will Muni add back the lines they took out during the “slow months” while the students are on vacation?

Commute Crisis Could Hit Bay Area if Labor Negotiations Fail

by KQED News Staff and Wires: KQED – excerpt

A commute crisis could hit the Bay Area next month if two of the region’s major transit agencies fail to negotiate contracts with their unions.
Labor contracts for both BART and AC Transit will expire June 30th.
What would be the impact of the strike? And how many Bay Area riders could be stranded if both agencies shut down?
Reporter Stephanie Martin spoke with San Francisco Business Times reporter Eric Young, who has been looking at what’s at stake for the region’s mass transit riders… (more)

This is the reason why we need a balanced transit approach. Without two major transit systems, there is no way people can get to work easily, and in some cases, get to work period.  This is why we need to keep all transportation options open. We sometimes MUST rely on our cars. On days with limited public transit there should be limited parking enforcement.

BART Employees Unions Holding Strike Authorization Votes Tuesday

by : sfappeal – excerpt

BART union workers are distributing leaflets to patrons today that highlight safety issues that they say aren’t being addressed by management at the bargaining table.
Leah Berlanga, a spokeswoman for Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which represents 1,430 mechanics, custodians and clerical workers at BART, said the safety of the transit agency’s employees and customers is being compromised by inadequate lighting in tunnels, a substandard electrical system and other problems.
Berlanga said the lighting in some tunnels is so bad that train operators can’t see fellow employees who are doing repair work…
Trost said she believes the fact that the unions are holding strike authorization votes “validates the signal they’ve been sending that they are prepared to strike so they don’t have to pay more for health care and pension costs.”… (more)

How will a BART strike effect the daily commute? They are having accidents and incidents now.