Jerry Brown gets bill to OK local fees for bicycle facilities

By Laurel Rosenhall : sacbee – excerpt

Californians could vote to tax themselves to build bike paths, bike parking and other bicycle facilities under a bill heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Senate Bill 1183 would allow cities, counties and regional parks districts to put a measure on their local ballots asking voters to approve an annual fee of up to $5 that would be added to their vehicle registration fees and go toward building or rehabilitating bicycle infrastructure. Two-thirds of local voters would have to approve the fee…

SB 1183 passed the state Senate Thursday with no debate, on a 24-9 vote… (more)

Anyone in Desaulnier’s district feel like taking this on? We understand he is running for higher office now. You can go onto the web site or send messages to his aide: Mark Stivers, 

New Bicycle Parking Requirements Approved by Planning Commission – excerpt

New Bicycle Parking Requirements Approved by Planning Commission…
The proposal is anticipated to go before the Board of Supervisors in June 2013.
If the proposal is adopted, garages and buildings owned and leased by the City will be required to upgrade the bicycle facilities within one year to comply with the new Planning Code standards. The proposal will also require new and renovated privately owned commercial buildings, and new residential buildings to comply with the bicycle parking requirements… (more)