Protected Bike Lanes Bill Passes California Senate Transportation Committee

by : la.streetsblog – excerpt

The Protected Bikeways Act, A.B. 1193, from Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), passed the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee Thursday on a 10-0 vote, despite opposition from some quarters.

The proposed legislation would compel Caltrans to create guidelines for protected bike lanes, a type of facility that is not currently allowed under California law.

A second purpose of the bill would be to give local jurisdictions—cities and counties—the freedom to follow Caltrans standards for bicycle infrastructure or to choose some other guidance. Currently all bicycle infrastructure in California must adhere to Caltrans standards, whether built on state highways or local streets. There are a few limited exceptions to this, generally through cumbersome experimental processes, but overall Caltrans’ antiquated standards have limited implementation of infrastructure that has proven safe in other states and other countries… (more)

This is an example of your tax dollars at work lobbying against you if you own a car in California. This is another reason to support the Restore Transportation Balance initiative. And write to your state representatives to vote against SB 1193. (sample letter)


Lane change for bicycle projects in San Francisco

By: Carolyn Copeland : Sf Examiner – excerpt

…As recently as 2005, The City was focused on making it easier for cyclists and autos to share space. A study from the early 2000s led to roadway markings with the arrows above a bicycle, commonly referred to as a sharrow. San Francisco began marking streets with the sharrow in 2005…

The bike lane projects, which can be controversial when they replace a lane of traffic or parking spaces, are expected to continue. Work is planned on three blocks of Oak and Fell streets, along with on Cargo Way, Cesar Chavez Street, Eighth Street and John Muir Drive…

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